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    Bluetooth Audio Issues

      Has any tried playing music through the Bluetooth connection? I have had numerous phones play audio through bluetooth in my car and never had an issue. When I try playing audio through Bluetooth in my car, the music skips every second. I have tried playing Spotify, songs from the Google Music app (streamed) and also songs that are local on the phone. All audio presents the same issue. I have tried turning off Wifi but that does not seem to fix the problem.


      Anyone else experiencing this or does your Bluetooth audio streaming work?




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          Hey Brad,


               I would attempt a master reset, cause i havent had that issue at all, infact between all the HTC devices that i have owned this by far plays the best through Blutooth.

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            That sucks! I don't have a BT in my car, but I've been streaming music to a Jawbone Jambox without issues. I haven't had any issues with calls over Bluetooth either.

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              Can you try changing your Sound Enhancer settings to a few different things, and seeing if there's a difference? Sound Enhancer activates on wired headset, not sure about bluetooth ones. You can find steps here: http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-4273#Sound_enhancer_settings


              If you continue to have problems, can you:


              • Try streaming music on other bluetooth music devices besides your car, to see if the problem is isolated with the car or not?

              • Try using your car bluetooth for phone calls, and see if the problem happens with those too (or only music)?

              • Tell us the car make/model/year, or any other bluetooth device info you have.


              Please let us know what you figure out.

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                I have the same problem.  I do not have another Bluetooth device to try though.  Phone calls do not seem to lose connection.  If the phone is moved  it almost instantly drops the connection during music playback, if phone is not moved it will drop connection about every 30-45 seconds roughly.  I have a 2010 Mazda cc9.  I also changed the enhancement from beats to nothing and same results

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                  I am also having this issue.   What I have found is that putting the phone in airplane mode and then coming out of airplane mode will finally make the radio see the phone or vice versa.  I also used to be able to hit a button on the radio to make the music start working, that also no longer works.


                  Also, on my Galaxy SII, the names of the songs and artists would appear on my radio display.  Not now though.  With my SII I had no bluetooth problems, this phone lots.


                  I am using a JVC kw-r800bt.