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Ok, so I've had this phone warrantied about 4 times, I get the same issues as everyone else. Locking up, black screens, force close way too often (my personal favorite is when the touch screen stops responding and I am forced to use the track pad... why does a touch screen phone have a track pad unless they know that they screen stops responding a lot???) anyways, I was about to demand a new phone. I was excited to get an updated sidekick I always thought that the phone was handy when I had the older ones. If everything on this phone worked like it was supposed to I would say this is the best phone I have ever seen. But I digress, anyways I found out that there are updates availible, however after going to the samsung website and downloading the mini kies software my computer (running windows 7 as an OS) refuses to acknowledge when I attach my phone via USB cable. I click the firmware update option when it pops up on the phone and nothing happens.... anyone have a fix for this????