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    Mobile Network not Found

      Lately when I am trying to send picture messages to someone I find that when I hit send a message comes up saying "make sure the network is available".  My phone shows that it is still in 4G however the only way to resolve this is to turn the network off, wait about 10 seconds and then turn it back on. 


      I'm also finding that I'm having to restart this phone 3-4 times a DAY.  I understand that phones need to be restarted sometimes but it's a hassle to have to do this on a regular basis. 


      Is there something I can do differently?  I haven't had this phone all that long and it has barely any apps on it at all so I don't really think it's a memory problem or something that I've installed.

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          Whereabouts do you live?


          I have this situation in certain areas when I visit Phoenix.  Specifically 91st & W. Thomas is where I noticed it more.


          I don't know if it's people around on TM (aka congestion) or something up with the towers or what.

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            I'm in Texas.  I've found that it happens both at home and at work so I'm not sure.  I guess it could have something to do with the congestion on the network.  Just weird that it works fine after I restart the network.

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              If you're in a heavily populated area, I can see it.


              I especially have problems when we have conventions and that here in Atlanta (since I work by where the conventions happen... and HATE lunch time during them).


              And, any time I go to a Braves game, it SAYS I have signal, but try to do anything and my phone literally laughs at me.

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                any issue with being prompted for  "network unavailable" is just that .. the network is bogging .. i'm in Dallas so i know full well what you mean .. there are just spots and times when the network is just wonky.


                nothing you can do about it beyond waiting for it to get better or resetting for a new (and hopefully more stable) connection.

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                  Any chance this is a recent development?  If so, the culprit could be a recently installed app that is poorly designed somehow.  A little trial & error with new apps (uninstall the latest, see if the problem resolves, re-install and uninstall the next on the list) might be the solution.