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        I agree, no microsd is bad

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          I was really looking forward to one of the S phones, but the 16 gig of storage and the non removeable battery just straight up kill it for me. accounting for bloatware, and OS, you mean to tell me Im supposed to use this thing for movies and music and games with 8 gigs of storage. Ive been a loyal tmob cust for a better part of a decade, but its truly disappointing to see them yet again out of the top tier phones. Im not interested in upgrading, although it would be an upgrade in performance, I feel like Id be taking a hit in overall functionality. Dropbox is nice, but Ive yet to see a truly always connected device that would make me feel like "the cloud" is a viable option overr physical storage, not to mention eating up bandwith if you actually relied on the tmobile data connection to access files. its a "nice" phone with an ipod nano attached.  I want a great phone, not a nice one.

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            yeah I agree 100% with what you said, honestly I'm really hoping the Galaxy Note comes out for T-mobile soon. It has a great battery (2500 mAh) which I can replace with a 5400 mAh if i want and it has 16 GB of storage + sd card slot which is really nice. I know it's too big for many people, but not for me. Honestly i feel like HTC blew it with their new phones. Granted the One X is a really nice phone and at least it has 32 GB of on board storage, but why make it into an iphone clone???? (can't replace battery, no sd card slot). At this point I'm waiting to replace my dying HD2 running Android with the Galaxy SIII, The Galaxy Note or even the One X if and when it comes out for T-Mobile. I most likely will get the Note if it comes out soon enough but time will tell....

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              So no news about WHEN T-mobile might have Galaxy Note available for customers??


              Also what would be HTC's next Android smartphone with sd card support and replacable battery?? anyone has a release date yet? I'm thinking of getting HTC sensation now but I can wait for a more powerful CPU (1.5Ghz dual instead of 1.2)..

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                Discussion successfully moved from Android General to HTC One S

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                  Hey guys! I was looking on another forum about discounts and posted this as well, so I thought I'd share again. You can get a discount through studentrate. You waive your $35 activation fee, plus get 10% off monthly recurring charges on select plans.



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                    Does anyone know if HTC is planning to release something that has the latest Qualcomm CPU (1.7Ghz dual core) with SD memory card expansion capability (up to 64GB or 128GB SD card)?? If so I would be very interested. Thanks!

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                      So would the rest of the world! I haven't seen any rumors about anything running a faster clocked S4 any other Android sites/forums. Are you willing to wait until Fall 2012/Spring 2013 for the possibility? T-Mobile "may" get this though, but who knows if it will be capable of reading a 64/128 SD card:



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                        Yeah I guess I'm willing to wait a little bit until Fall/Winter 2012 if this does come true. BTW I noticed that for microSD (or MicroSDXC) the maximum capacity is 64GB. I don't think there is a microSD memory card that can go up to 128GB yet (but with regular SDXC it is possible to go up to 128GB).

                        Anyone know if T-mobile release Samsung Galaxy S III what would be the retail price? Thanks!

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