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        turbo822... I have the same problems with iphone users as well.  Pic mail will not download if multiple pics are sent back to back and texts sometimes randomly go missing for 24 hours. Customer support told me that its because of the "in and out" frquency of the train systems; however, that particular problem ONLY happens with iphone users and I'm never on the train when it happens!


        Another thing I was told is that if I am sending/receiving too many text conversations at once, then I am "bogging" down my system and causing the delays.  Now what kind of Nonsense is that to tell a customer?  Hey we're happy your paying for the service but we need you to use it sparingly in order for it to work!

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          theartiszan... How long have you had the g2x?  If in fact it is working, I would probably give it a try.  Although I agree that I'd much rather deal with the problems I have on a phone that I know, but... I also tested the Exhibit II for a day and less than 2 hours from the time I set it up, I had the same crashing problems as on the Galaxy so I sent it back.


          I'm thinking that the problem may be with Samsung devices altogether on the T-Mobile network.


          but that's just me

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            The problem is tmobile. The g2x historically had issues, and a full year after the release of the phone does it finally get the update to fix the random reboots. No way verizon would leave it's customers hanging like that. I'd be surprised if the galaxy s ever gets an update to fix these issues. The g2x is a much better phone, but i had to ditch that for the same reason, software bugs. And it's not an android issue, I got the sensation and that worked flawlessly.


            I'd go with the g2x, that was a great phone, when it worked. It sounds like they fixed all the issues (finally, that phone was so f'ed they pulled it from sales for a while)


            You get what you pay for. Perhaps it's time to quit tmobile. Sell the phone on ebay and use that to pay the etf.

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              I had the g2x since it released.

              first update made it useable from restarting but still happened but update cleared it up.

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                theartiszan:   Do you have issues with texting or picture messages with iPhone users?

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                  Not sure if you're still looking for a different option on the replacement phone but I called this morning and they offered me a different phone that is comparable and is not the exhibit but is a samsung.  I forget the name though but its on the way.

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                    I called too, and the two that were offered originally for me, the G2X/GX2, I forget what it's called, and the Exhibit are options as well as the Galaxy S. I also found out that there is new sim cards. So I have a replacement and sim card on the way. Hope it works!

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                      I went by my local T-Mo store and they recommended the G2X which the stores don't offer anymore. It will be interesting to see if customer support is still offering it. The continuing saga... Lately when sending texts I will sometimes get a Failed to send notice. Believing it, the error msg., I resend and resend and resend, thinking that I was not hitting the tower just right :-( . Well the recipient would get 5 copies of the msg for EACH time I sent it. Do the math! Why do I always have to answer the "Complete Action...make this your default" question 5 times a day whether texting, browsing, musicing...what ever. These are supposed to be smartphones. Back to the primary function of these pieces of ****...making phone calls...now my phone app is force closing all the time. What's up with that. I don't know if it is T-Mo or Samsung that sucks, but there is a culpable party out there somewhere and I for one will never buy another Samsung anything again ever! As to carriers, I'm lookin'

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                        We fixed our problem, went and bought the HTC one.  A friend of ours has the same Samsung phone and mentioned she has the same problems and is on another carrier.  The phone is just defective and there does not appear to be a fix.  We are going to sell it.  I agree that I will never buy another Samsung anything again.  It is a shame that T-mobile has so many Samsung models.  We will stick with HTC, my Sensation is great and now has the ICS update, so it is like a new phone.

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                          Great idea. I think im going to be doing the same thing. I have been given the run around by T Mobile many times already. they just keep sending me the same stupid phone (already on my 3rd). They offered me another phone which is a complete downgrade from my Galaxy S 4G. I spoke to a manager named Victoria who assured me Ice Cream Sandwich would be coming out this month which would take care of my phone's issues. I was lied to. Its already the end of the month. I think she just wanted to get me off the phone. I have owned many Samsung devices and been with T Mobile for a long time. It sounds like its time to switch providers.

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                            I noticed that my phone tends to go schizo after I plug it into a generic battery charger/usb port provider.  Though not a computer's usb, the selection for how to hook in would come up.  I hit the bottom back key, as I do when I plug it directly to a computer usb or hub, but then the trouble would start.  Doesn't seem like it would be related, but my experience indicates that it may be a factor.  One possible, but not necessarily THE, cause.

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                              My wife is visiting her family in Costa Rica.  She has been using the phone with a sim card for the service there with internet and has had no freezing issues.  So the idea that it has something to do with the Tmobile network may be correct.  May also be why Samsung hasn't been jumping in to fix the issue if the issues have to do with Tmobile.

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                                I was on the phone again w/ T-MO support. I still have not found an acceptable replacement. Yesterdays replacement options were...HTC Sensation, which my local T-mo folks said that it may be worse than the galaxy (run Forrest run). The other option....Another freakin' Galaxy...really???? BTW the To-Mo staff here thought the amaze would be a good replacement, but alas that is not an option. thought I will try back in two weeks, maybe it will be then as they are no longer offering it in the stores. Though the Tech,/cust. service said I could upgrade to the amaze for JUST $226.50. I suggested that for $200 I can go somewhere else.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


                                Traveler62 said, "We will stick with HTC, my Sensation is great and now has the ICS update, so it is like a new phone." Now I'm just even more confused and confounded!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


                                Other ramblings: The other day, someone tried calling me for hours and got the msg. that the party blah, blah...was not available/out of network and never got sent to my voicemail. meanwhile I'm getting emails during the whole process. At lease once a day I will hang up from a call, doesn't matter incoming/outgoing, go to make another call and find that the phone is frozen again. Pull battery and start over.

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                                  I would take the HTC Sensation over this phone.  I could have saved some money and waited for this trade, but already bought the HTC One for my wife and sold the Samsung.  Every phone model has its problems, but I believe the Sensation is a good phone and seems like a decent deal finally for a trade.


                                  I was finally able to get a sim unlock for the HTC One and she is using it now in another country and sold the Samsung.

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                                    Has anybody rooted the galaxy Will it fix most of the problems