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    Sidekick 4g software update

      So i spoke with Tmobile there telling me samsung is sending out an update from 2.2.1 to 2.3.1 thats going to fix alot of problems question is how long do you think it will take to get it

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          This is the first news that Sidekick 4G is getting Gingerbread upgrade. Until we get more confirmation from other sources, it may take some time.

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            This afternoon a TMO rep told me (via chat):


            "The Sidekick device does have known issues of what you explained.  At this time, there is no resolution date. The manufacturer is aware of the issues with the device, and they are working on resolving the issue as quickly as possible. ... Unfortunately, the manufacturer has to also provide us with the resolution as well. Just like you rely on a working reliable device -- we also rely on that same device to provide to our customers. We all have to patiently wait for the manufacturer to provide us with the fixes for the issues."

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                It's funny how Samsung still uses TouchWiz, and it is the most buggy, memory-leakie thing on the planet.


                NONE of these issues exist on Vanilla/Nexus builds.


                It makes me wonder why they have not dropped a Vanilla Android with a Full QWERTY w/ dedicated numbers & curser keys, then 86'd the IR flinngy-scroll button altogether. 


                It would be WAY more efficient that way, and the code is already written...  It just seems like a waste of money to keep developing junk software called TouchWiz.

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                  Its not 2.3, it's a Maintence update to fix alot of the issues with the phone. It was orginally thought to be 2.3, but its not. It is also coming out over  the air or OTA

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                    In one of your other postings (July, 2011) you give a URL for a fix for the Sidekick4G's software or operating system.  I can't make heads or tails of the information on that web site or what to do with it.  Most of the problems I'm having involve the phone randomly vibrating and then turning itself off, which it does several times a day.  Also, screen freezes which usually require holding the "off" button until the phone eventually shuts off and restarts.


                    Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.  If possible, copy your response to micrane {at} gmail {dot} com.




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                      I have found that Mobo Task Killer (free from the Market: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.mobo.task.killer ) works really well at regularly killing off all of the bloatware that seems to slow down and clog the system. I set mine for 70% every 30 minutes and it has drastically reduced the reboots and freezing.

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                        But the problems have no been solved. It took them so many months just to fix a few of the many problems that came with the software

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                          I am now certain that they will never be fixed.  This latest "fix" worked for about 2 days.  But then simply wiping the phone/factory resetting it also would work for about a day or so, so most likely the "fix" was just the factory reset after the update and nothing was fixed.    Seriously, we are 8 months into the lifespan of this device and it still doesn't work properly as a phone. 


                          Samsung is imcompetent.  Unless you buy their top of the line premier phone, don't expect it to work or ever get android updates.  I have had it with samsung, I took a chance buying this after being BURNED with a Behold II and got BURNED by samsung again.  Touchwiz is bloatware and causes irreconsilible errors that samsung either cannot fix or cannot be fixed.


                          This phone will never work right.  It will never be upgraded to gingerbread, let alone ICS and I have been ripped off 400 dollars for a phone that does not even function properly as a PHONE.


                          And as a long time (2001) T-mobile customer, burned by 2 awful phones, I am beginning to wonder about a company that cannot properly make sure their devices actually work before giving them to customers.  We are not beta testers for inadequate software that samsung makes.

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                            Still no fix...  (2.3)

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                              1) Back up data (you will see why, below);

                              2) Make a list of all installed apps and their source (Google Play, Amazon, etc.) so they can be re-installed later (you will see why, below);

                              3) Perform a Factory Reset (this wipes all data and installed apps and brings phone to a "like-new" state -- this is reason for steps 1 & 2)

                              4) Install a Task Killer. Easy Task Killer Advanced works well for this:https://play.google.com/store/apps/detai… -- this not only kills background tasks, it also keeps a record of what is killed so you can easily keep a record of what apps keep re-loading into memory.

                              5) Root the Phone (help on this is here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdis… ); This allows access to the phone storage area where you can remove bloatware apps (like DriveSpace) that continually load in the background, eating up valuable resources.

                              6) start removing apps (again get help from the XDA forum for guidance) try MOVING an app (especially those from step 4) from phone storage to SD Card, then reboot the phone. if the phone starts working in a weird way, put the app back. Keep trying this with different apps until you are satisfied.

                              7) start re-installing apps -- try only installing the apps you really need. move as many apps as possible to the SD Card. if a non-essential app forces install in Phone memory, uninstall it. only reason to keep an app in phone memory is to use its Widgets.

                              I have done all of the above on my own Sidekick 4G and the phone works much smoother.

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                                ncmacasl wrote:

                                I have done all of the above on my own Sidekick 4G and the phone works much smoother.


                                Well-outlined steps and I'm sure following them does some good.  But expecting the average user to root their phone and go through all the other steps is a bit silly.   The onus should be on TMO to make the phones work properly.

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                                  Instead of cursing the darkness, some choose to light a candle.

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                                    Heaven forbid a phone works right out of the factory... imagine if a car company tried doing what Samsung does. Oh hey while your cruising down the highway at 70 mph your controls may become entirely unresponsive until you shut off and turn your device back on... which can take an upwards of 7 minutes

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