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    how to transfer phone numbers from T-mobile online to phone

      Hi there,

      I have talked to two T-mobile and one Microsoft representative and all could not get me satifactory answers. I had a Samsung Smile. Since I use my phone for business I had more phone numbers than the SIM card can handle, so contacts where saved in my T-mobile online profile. Now I have an HTC RADAR and only the phone numbers from the SIM card are available through the phone. The old had to stay with the store and has been recycled.

      How do I push the phone numbers from my T-mobile account to my phone. It is way to many to enter then manually again. I can't believe that if the Smile phone can send that info TO the internet account, that the HTC Radar cannot pull that same info FROM the internet. I have created a hotmail account, but still can't figure this out with the help pages that I found.

      Many thanks for your time and answers.