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What Am I Missing?!

So I just got my SG2 on Monday and was SUPER excited about it. I was coming from an HTC MT4G...a MT3G before that...and an iPhone3G unlocked before that. So, needless to say, I was expecting to be absolutely blown away by the SG2. Needless to say, I'm not...at all. I'm generally relatively tech saavy for a female but maybe I'm missing all of the greatness with this phone? Other than a bigger screen, I'm not really seeing much of a performance improvement over my MT4G. The camera is a higher MP but that's not a huge deal to me. I don't notice an improvement in speed (it's actually slower over wifi). The keyboards are worse. There's more useless apps preloaded. The lack of notification options is absolutely ridiculous. I'm starting to think that I just spent a month's rent on a screen that's an inch bigger. If I'm missing something, pleeeease, someone, enlighten me! I read these boards and researched for about 3 weeks prior to buying because I like to make informed purchases and I'm feeling slighted on this one.

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    I am like you I researched this phone for months on end and also came from the same phones as you have in the past.  The only thing I like about this phone over my other phones is the bigger screen.  The battery to me is worst then my mt4g and just found out I can't take a photo while on the phone which makes no sense to me.  As for the keyboard I had to go into the app market to find a decent keyboard, AI keyboard is the one found and like.  Sorry I am not much help in your complaints about this phone but wanted to let you know that I agree with you.  Oh I like the fact this phone you can netflix on and the mt4g you can't.  And to add insult to injury I find this phone takes a long time to charge when in my car but at home it is not as much a problem.

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    Yeah, I was prepared for the battery issue but I have that with every phone because I am a heavy user. I was basically draining my MT4G battery by lunch time every day and running 2 almost full charges a day...so far, the SG2 battery is lasting longer which is a bit of a surprise to me.

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    You have to gage what type of person you are and what type of phone user you are.  Not all things will appeal to everyone. I for one love the Galaxy S II, coming from the orginal Galaxy S and before that an T-Mobile MyTouch (HTC).  For me it was a vast improvement in speed and overall performance.  If you were satisfied with your previous phones what made you switch?  Nevertheless here's some reviews that may or may not change your opinion of the GSII.




    I could post a million of these and they won't change your opinion of what I think is a great phone.  Your opinion is your opinion but I say make the most of an otherwise great phone.

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    I too came to the S2 from a MT4G. The S2 is faster both in terms of network, but also in overall performance. The MT4G was no slowpoke, but the S2 just refuses to lag (most of the time). I've gotten better battery life out of the S2 than I ever did with the MT4G (though again, the MT4G wasn't bad). Gaming is much better on the S2. So is the speaker (you can almost listen to music with the phone on your desk). The S2 is also much lighter, despite being bigger, which is a boon if you carry it in your pocket. And the screen isn't just bigger, it's brighter, more vibrant, more responsive to touch, and easier to see outdoors. The only thing I miss about the MT4G is the optical trackpad, which I miss most when trying to position the curser to edit text.