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    G2X not receiving short code texts

      I have Twitter messages sent to my phone via text. I work in social media so it's faster to scroll through messages that way as opposed to using an app like Hootsuite or Twitter's Android app. During the past few weeks there are periods of days where I receive no tweets via text. That is not normal. It'll generally be three to five days of nothing and then I'll start receiving them again for anywhere from a few hours to a few days and then they stop coming. As far as I can tell I am receiving text messages sent using a ten digit phone number.


      Has anyone else noticed that they aren't receiving short code texts? It isn't limited to Twitter. I'm not getting flight status updates and other important information I need to receive. I don't know if this issue is limited to my phone (it wouldn't surprise me with the myriad of issues I have with it) or if T-Mobile is blocking short code texts. Any info and comments are appreciated.



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          i am having the same problem i am not getting my twitter updates and it is driving me crazy i really want to break my contract at this point because im sick of this problem

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                 I am sending you both private messages, so you can receive further assistance with this issue.

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              Hi Alicia, (PLEASE HELP ME!!)

              I posted about short codes, a while back and no one answerd me, here: http://http://support.t-mobile.com/message/150372#150372

              I apologized if I had asked a question that was the same as other people, but I could NOT find any answer that would help me. I NEED to get my Google Notifications on my phone, because I have an illness that causes me to have bad short term memory. I didn't get into that in the other post, but now that no one is answering me I am just putting it all out there. I have missed Doctor appts. Missed driving my Sister (Handicapped) to work, and several other imprtant tasks that I am suppose to do weekly or monthly. Yes, I guess it is ridiculous to depend on a phone so much, but isn't that what they are made for? At least that is what they advertise, ya know?


              So I have recieved, since writing that last post, Facebook Mobile Confirmation Codes, but for some un Godly reason I cannot get Google's Notification Code to set up Google Moble on my GOOGLE PHONE! I have a Twitter Account, but do not like to constantly receive Twitter Notifications. My phone would be Beeeeping all day long. LOL...


              So can you please help me? Thanks so much again,

              Pam Schaar

              LG G2x

              P.S. I have the most updated software, Gingerbread OTA (V21Y) ? Does that help?? Android Version is 2.3.4