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purchased apps

I purchased an app from tmobile mall, downloaded it, since then had to hard reset phone due to other issues , now says I have to purchase app again what gives ?

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    did you use your same gmail account?  purchases are tied to the gmail account.

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    same one same tmobile mall and same phone still says I have to buy again

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    ah, you bought them through TMO Mall and not directly from the Market/Play Store?  see if you can download it from the Play Store (will show as purchased).  I'm not sure if Mall purchases are reflected in the Play Store.


    you may need to contact TMO cust service to see if you can get a refund/credit.


    If you purchaced it directly from the Play Store, then you would be able to download it again without paying. 

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    thanks for the advise but i was told by a Tmobile Support rep. that this support forum does not have the proper information on it and that because i didnt waset my time to call them I now have to purchase the app again , Tmobile has struck again , I like my service but this kind of stuff is enough to drive anyone crazy .

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    I'm not sure what you mean that becasue you didn't call them they can't help you now.  Customer service should be able to help you.  This is a user forum and we can't get the app back, but we can suggest options which may work.


    next time, don't use the TMO mall to download apps.  just get them from the Play Store.  then you wont have this problem again.

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    Hello bamatechjon,


    T-Force can investigate your issue. I have sent you a Private message with instructions on how to contact us.

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    I used chat to talk to a tmo rep. and she said because I didnt call them before I reset my phone that previous purchased apps from tmobile mall would have to be purchased again , and that because I didnt use proper prcedures and Tmobile didnt tell me how to backup my phone that now I have to purchase again . Thanks for your help got a private message from Tmo lets see how this goes .Oh I Will NEVER buy from Tmobile Mall again count on it .

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    Update TFORCE IS AWESOME I emailed as you asked and within an hour of sending the email TFORCE called me on the phone and said I Could download the app at no charge again . THANK YOU T-FORCE . I wished all of TMobiles support staff was as nice as TFORCES staff.