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    Proxy servers disrupting service

      I think I have figured out that when one accesses the Internet through a T-Mobile mobile hotspot, some traffic goes through proxy servers.  In my case, I am in California and the proxy servers seem to be those at IP addresses and New Jersey.  That not only adds to latency, but creates problems such as authentication errors when accessing certain servers.  Is there a way to disable routing through proxy servers?  I just wasted hours today troubleshooting this problem, so this is bad customer service.

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          It gets worse.  The caching that is being done means that even if you refresh your browser, you don't get accurate, current information from the web site.  For example, if the style sheets have changed, they are not updated when a browser refreshes.  I spent hours troubleshooting a problem with a web site's web fonts, only to find out the the problem wasn't with the web site, but was being caused by T-Mobile's proxy server/caching system.  For all I know, they may be blocking various kinds of traffic, such as downloadable web fonts, entirely.  This is very bad.


          Is there any way to turn this off?

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            I don't think there is any way we can turn off or change the way T-Mobile runs their hotspot service.  How did you find all of this out anyway?  If you're this good at investigating, surely you can find a way around a proxy server!

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              Hey smoore33!


              I'm sorry you're having problems using the Smartphone Mobile Hotspot feature of your device.  I found some other discussions on the Community discussing the proxy and issues with it so I'm working with our support teams to get more information about the situation.  I'll post updated information in this discussion as soon as I can.


              Thanks for your patience!


              - Ian

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                Hey everyone!


                I got more information from our Engineers about this issue.  There aren't any system-wide issue we're tracking right now for those IP addresses.  This issue was specific to smoore33's service and should be resolved at this point. If you are experiencing any similar issue, definitely contact us so we can perform troubleshooting and get it resolved as quickly as possible.




                - Ian

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                  I did work with an engineer to troubleshoot the problems.  We did confirm that T-Mobile intercepts, redirects, and stores traffic on proxy servers and that that was being done incorrectly in some cases so that servers in New Jersey were being used for California traffic and it was disrupting the authentication process, when I tried to log into my company's servers.  Those problems did not have to do with any configuration or problem on my end and T-Mobile seems to have fixed the problems on their end, at least in this specific case.  People should know that T-Mobile uses such proxy servers, which affects the content, security, and currency of the data being provided by their network and can create problems such as I experienced.  It would be a more secure and a better service if those proxy servers could be turned off when users request that, resulting in a direct connection to the Internet content that users are requesting, but apparently T-Mobile does not provide that option.  The engineer was cooperative, but there are still limitations to their network infrastructure that I do not trust.

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                    @tmo_ian is there any resolution to this issue? This morning was went onto the support chat as well as 1-800-937-8997 and both tried to pawn me off to my 'computer manufacturer'. They claimed they were not aware of the issue and couldn't help with computer issues.

                    The issues with this IP address delaying Chrome loading some pages didn't start until I used the t-mobile hotspot.

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                      Update:  Contrary to one of the posts here, this is not specific to my connections.  I have gotten further information from a higher level engineer.  T-Mobile does run Internet traffic through proxy servers; however, he tells me that they are located at processing centers around the country, even though the location appears to be in New Jersey (when looked up on IP address locator services).  Thus, the traffic apparently doesn't make trips back and forth to New Jersey.  Still, I believe going through the proxy servers does slow the traffic down (if the site is not already cached) and I still seem to have problems, especially with authentication traffic that uses non-standard ports.  In my experience, the lower-level technical support reps. don't know about the proxy servers or perhaps T-Mobile would rather that they don't disclose the information.  From what I have learned from the high level engineer, T-Mobile does not make any provision for turning off the proxy servers and I don't believe there is a way to do so at present (there should be).  I now have a second wireless Internet connection with a competitor.  When I have trouble with T-Mobile, the other connection works fine.  So I still believe T-Mobile's proxy servers introduce performance, reliability, and security problems into their system.

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                        It appears that Smoore33 has updated what seems to be information provided from higher level engineers. Are you having the same issue?

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                          Hey Smoore,


                          I am experiencing not only the same problem but I have written some software to authenticate that what we are experiencing is absolutely traffic passing through a proxy and delivering un-reliable and often duplicated data. I've been a TMO user since Feb 2013 and today the proxy not delivering web page content that should have been REAL TIME has cost me several hours of DEBUGGING and a nice loss of money.


                          I'm hoping to get some TMO support to chime in on this for several reasons. Primarily this means the content can be un-reliable when being served through the proxy. Security is an incredible issue because now I know somewhere within the serving up of my encypted, private and secure data it is being intercepted and stored somewhere outside of my knowledge by a service that I pay for.


                          Not only do I have to look into this much further, but it seems as though some level of awareness really needs to be made. I'm hoping someone from TMO can chime in because I need this resolved for me personally as the service I pay for is suppose to be serving my data needs (which in this case is not) and because there's a small armada of other problems that come along with what is happening here.


                          Thanks for posting this as it confirmed the suspicion I had when I ran into this very problem early today.