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    Sync Question

      I don't care to gave apps sync, send and recieve data at any ime so I've turned that off. But, I find now that Play Store requires that background data be enabled. Is there any other I might use to get ringtones, wallpapers and apps that don't require bckgroung syncing to be enabled?



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          try the amazon marketplace

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            Ah. I use Amazon on my pc alot. But, I find free ringtones and find no way to download them. First it's telling me I need to install Amazon mp3. I try to install it then it tells me to sign in. It's like shooting pool with a rope!

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              you need to install the amazon app on your phone - http://www.amazon.com/gp/mas/get-appstore/android


              you'll need to link it to your amazon account in order to download apps (even free ones).

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                If you're refering to Amazon Marketplace then I already installed it. I've been playing around for a half hour trying to get something accomlished but I have gotten nowhere... like most of the other apps on my phone. It's easier not to even attempt to donwload a ringtone. By the time I get everthing set I need to recharge my battery. It's a real pain in the ***.

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                  the app is called the 'amazon appstore'.  you'll need to allow Unknown Sources (in application settings) to install it.


                  I'm not sure what you are doing, but try putting the phone settings back to the default (background data on etc) and see if it works. it should not be this difficult.

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                    I changed that setting. Is there a difference between Amazon Appstore and Amazon Market Place. I though I had installed Amazon AppStore but I see nothing in my apps called Amazon Appstore only "Amazon", with a shopping cart icon, which I believe to be Amazon Marketplace. When I open that and search ringtones and select a free one the only waty I can download it is to insrall Amazon MP3. There is no button to simply downloading it. In fact even when I search in PLay store for "Amazon Appstore" thet is no results for Amazon Appstore.. only Amazon Mobile and My Daily Free Amazon App.


                    Any ideas?

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                      they are different.  click the link I posted.


                      but for ringtones, it sounds like you need the amazon mp3 app to download it. 

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                        I'm stuck again. I plugged in the phone and followed your link. Then what. When I click download in the link IE 9 simply saves it to my downloads forlder on my pc and there is no other option to save it to my phone when I select "Save As"

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                          use your phone, not the computer. 

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                            I finally downloaded Amazon appstore. I still can;t download so I'll just give up. There never is any button to download, only save for later. Why? And when I view the list of saved items there still is no option to download! Then when I think I got it I get a message saying that I didn't put in an address for one step payment, or something like that. If the app is free what am I paying for!

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                              you need to register the app with your amazon account to download apps. even though the app/ringtone is free, you still need to have an account with amazon. You'll just get a charge for $0.00.  Also, when you reset the phone or get another phone, when you install the app again it will have your past history of apps to re-download.  just like the google play store.

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                                Too much messing around. Maybe I can just send them a piece of my finger.

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                                  Bottom line is weather it is the Play Store or the Amazon Appstore, your phone will have to sync to either or both to work. Play Store using your Google Account or the Amazon Appstore using your Amazon account.

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                                    Shows how new I am to smart phones... If that's the correct term.