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    Well, I am pretty fed up with this phone. I am rebooting and or pulling the battery 2-3 times a day. What if I need the phone for an emergency ie 911? I might not have time to do all that BS. I could be dead by the time it works again. At least my wife, may not want for anything after the attorneys get done.


    I am seriously thinking about an iPhone, too many issues with google android. My saftey, and peace of mind are worth the cancelation fees. Though if the phone does not perform as promised....or at all!

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    I have a similar situation. A brand new glaxy S 4g. with gingerbread in it. It freezes randomly, sometimes I am dialing and the application just shuts down after the third number dialed. It acts very erratically. Will there be an update to fix this? Should I exchange the phone?

    This is very frustrating!

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    If you are still within the trial period...I would be looking at a different phone all together

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    I'm having the exact same problem. I got my phone last July, worked great, no issues at all until just a few months ago. I did the reset, mangaged everything, didn't install apps, don't have music on my phone so it was easy to do. Didn't help at all so I got a replacement. I got another Galaxy S. It worked for a couple weeks and every day at least 4 times it freezes and goes to the home screen, or shuts off and won't turn back on unless I take the battery out. I've done the resets and it worked for litterly 11 hours and is worse now. I have the option of 2 different replacement phones now (LG GX2 and Exhibit 2), but reading the reviews they both do the same thing. I don't know what to do!?! I have been with TMobile since 2005 and haven't had so many issues before. Don't really want to switch to a different company over the newer phones all having the same issues.

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    I just saw this in a forum on the site....think I'm going to give it a try and see if it helps


    A software update is available for   the Samsung Galaxy S 4G. The update will upgrade the device to Android 2.3./Software version T959VUVKJ6. 


    Devices  upgrading to Android 2.3./Software version T959VUVKJ6   will benefit from various improvements based on customer feedback.


    Devices upgrading to T959VUVKJ6 will benefit from:

    • Android 2.3(Gingerbread)
    • Google Security Patch
    • Camera enhancements
    • Wi-Fi enhancements


    • This upgrade will not be sent to devices Over the Air (OTA / FOTA) - Instead, you must install the upgrade by connecting your Galaxy S 4G to a PC using Samsung Kies Mini software. 


    • Desktop or laptop PC running Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7. 
    • An available USB port.
    • All firewall and antivirus programs should be disabled.
    • Administrative privileges required to download and install sofware, including drivers.
    • The Galaxy S device should have a fully charged battery.
    • USB cable included in the retail box (Note: This may be connected to your wall charger).
    • The most current version of Samsung Kies Mini software (see below).


    Note:  For any issues with the Kies Mini download or installation process or any issues experienced when connecting the Galaxy S 4G to Kies Mini, please contact Samsung for further assistance at 1-888-987-4357 or http://www.samsung.com/us/support/.



    Installing Kies Mini

    1. Download the most recent version of Kies Mini by visiting http://tinyurl.com/KiesMini1
      • Note:  Save the file to a desired location - the Desktop is recommended for easy access.
    2. Double click the Kies Mini file.  The program will self extract, no action is required.
    3. Select the desired Language and Location, then click Next.
    4. Read the license agreement, check the box for "I accept..." and click Next.
    5. Kies Mini will begin the installation.  No action is required. 
    6. When the process is complete, click Finish.

       Prepare the Samsung Galaxy S 4G

    1. From the Android home screen, press the Menu key and tap Settings.
    2. Tap Applications.
    3. Tap USB settings.
    4. Tap Ask on connection
    5. Tap the Escape key once to go back to the Applications menu. 
    6. Tap Development
    7. Tap USB Debugging
    8. Tap the Home key to exit the settings menu. 
    9. Insert the USB data cable into the phone and then into an available port on the computer. 
    10. Select Samsung Kies at the phone prompt. The PC should recognize several devices and begin installation. This is normal and may take a few minutes. Unplug the data cable when completed.


    Upgrade the device to KJ6

    Important:  Verify that you have backed up all of your data, including the contents of the internal (non-removable) SD card, to prevent unnecessary data loss.


    1. On the PC, open the Kies Mini application.
    2. Connect the Galaxy S 4G to the PC using the USB cable, select Samsung Kies at the phone prompt. 
      • Important:  If the Galaxy S 4G was recently rebooted, allow the device to finish Media Scanning before attempting to connect the device to the PC. 
      • After a few moments, Kies Mini should indicate that a software update is available.
    3. Click Phone Upgrade
    4. Read the Caution statements, click the checkbox for "I have read and understood...", and click the Upgrade button.
    5. Kies Mini will contact the server and download the upgrade.  Depending on the customer's network conditions and connection speed, this could take several minutes.
    6. Kies Mini will begin upgrading the device.       
      • Important:  The phone's screen may change state or appear to reboot during the process.  DO NOT remove the device from the USB cable or reboot the PC until the update is complete.  Doing so can permanently damage the device ("brick" the phone).
    7. When the installation is complete, click Ok to finish.  Wait until the phone is finished rebooting and the Android Home screen displays before disconnecting the device.



    • How does this change impact my phone?
      • Customers who elect to install the update will no longer have the doubleTwist application pre-loaded on their device. However, customers may download the doubleTwist application for free from the Play Store. To add the AirSync capability to the doubleTwist application, there will be a small additional fee.


    • Can I go back to the earlier version of Samsung Galaxy S 4G software?
      • No, once the Samsung Galaxy S 4G software has been updated to Android 2.3, it will not be possible to downgrade to a previous version.


    • What is FOTA?
      • FOTA  stands for Firmware Over The Air and is the process by which required updates and enhancements to your phone's basic operating system can be sent to you through the cellular network.  The Galaxy S 4G (Gingerbread) software update will NOT be sent via FOTA or any other OTA process.


    • Will I be notified of the KJ6 update? 
      • No.  Since the update is not being set via OTA, you will not receive any notification of the update on your device.


    • Can I still use my phone while the update happens? 
      • No.  During the update, the phone must stay connected to the computer and will not be available for use.


    • Do I have to update my phone? 
      • No, this  software update is optional but is recommended in order to experience optimal performance. It’s very easy to update your phone and will only take a  few minutes.


    • Will the update affect my data or contacts? 
      • The update should not affect any content or contacts loaded to the device.  You should still back up all data, however, to prevent accidental loss due to unforeseeable issues with the upgrade.  Make sure that you also back up the contents of the internal (non-removable) SD card to avoid unnecessary loss.


    • Can I manually request a KJ6 update push? 
      • No. The upgrade is not available over the air.


    Please remember:  For any issues with the Kies Mini download or installation process or any issues experienced when connecting the Galaxy S 4G to Kies Mini, refer to Samsung (1-888-987-4357 or http://www.samsung.com/us/support/) for further assistance. 

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    That's been out for a long time - since late last year, and is what the refurbed units ship with. I think that version of the software has more issues than the previous versions of android.


    I dont care. I canceled my line yesterday. I'm so glad to be done with tmobile. Sure it cost me the etf, but the customer service is a joke. This device was a joke.

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    I just looked at my phone, and mine is the current software. ****, I was hoping for a easy fix.

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    I am so glad I finally decided to look at this forum because I have been having all of the same issues with my phone since week 1 and CONVENIENTLY when I asked to cancel my contract before the 30 day term period was over I was given a bunch of free minutes as they blamed it on a tower being down.  Well guess what?... the tower is fixed and the phone is NOT!


    Since then I have rebooted, cleared cache, updated the system and still the same bs!  My phone freezes, crashes, and randomly shuts itself on and off... even texting seems to be an impossible task as picture mail and even regular text sometimes take a day or two to be received IF AT ALL! 


    They have sent me 4 replacement Galaxy phones and ALL had the same issues but have had the audacity to tell me that I must have received yet another defective device because there are no other documented compliants... RIGHT! 


    Now they sent me an Exhibit which has the same exact issues with call button crashing as the Galaxy and does not even compare in Camera or Feature quality so I sent it back and kept the Galaxy until hopefully they change the replacement models otherwise I think I'm going to pay the cancellation fees and maybe see if I can file suit for a return of the funds for the below poor service I have received! 


    God forbid I have an emergency and actually NEED my phone to work properly!  It's so frustrating and embarrassing that I have missed events from not receiving the text invites until days later but at least now I know I am not as crazy as T-Mobile has been making me feel!

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    I've had tmobile tech support tell me this is a known issue for the device, and that he didn't know if a fix would be available.


    I too was offered the exhibit.


    What gargabe. The galaxy s was suppose to be the "iphone killer". And in return you get the exhibit II. Garbage. There is no way Verizon, or hell, even Sprint wouldn't get these software issues resolved.


    Unless you own a galaxy nexus device, I see no reason to be on tmobile. the support for their own devices just sucks.

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    I have same issue if its a known problem for phone why do they offer a downgrade for a replacement they offered me the exhibit and i still have to make payments for the phone

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    I called the cancellations department and was told that they will not wave the cancellation fees despite the numerous "defective" devices they have sent me.  Now they offered the LG G2X which has worse reviews than the Galaxy!  Even the rep told me that he would stick with the Galaxy because of the reviews on the G2X!


    At least he was honest but come on already, what does a person have to do to get a functional phone?!


    I just don't understand how they can get away with being such crooks!!!


    They are charging an arm and a leg for service that is subpar to even the service I received when on a Boost mobile phone plan.


    Stupid me I figured that getting away from pre-paid would be a better route but instead my experience has been the exact opposite!

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    The G2X was offered to me too, I said no. I'll deal with a phone I know instead of getting one that I don't know that has the same issues. I'm tempted to buy a phone off Craigslist and switch to that one. I have friends with my same phone and none of them have the same problems I have with it, I wonder if there was a bad batch? Either way I want a phone that works 100% of the time!!! The only problem I have with TMobile is just the newer phones, I have pretty good cell service, good experiences with Customer Service, and my bill is cheaper or the same as others for the same options.

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    Two days ago I called Customer Service (ended up with what I assume to be an American) as instructed by my local store insisting on a replacement phone, due to the known issues and the constant freezing. Had to asked to speak with a supervisor because they would not send a new one until we went through all the factory reset and "troubleshooting" BS. Been there done that! Bottom line...No way were they going to give me a new phone just because it freezes everyday.....sucks to be me! Yesterday. I kept having dropped call, but not dropped issues. I use my wifi; All of yesterdays calls, incoming & outgoing started fine....3-4 minutes into the call I could hear the other party, but all of a sudden they could not hear me. As these are business calls it's mighty frustrating. Called Customer Service (ended up with what I assume to be an Indian) and after a15 minutes of question and answer i was offered a new phone albeit sucky phones... an Exhibit or G2X. As neither is acceptable as a replacement of their "Best phone ever" I am still pondering.

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    After the most recent update the g2x works nicely. Haven't had a single random restart since it was installed.

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    Hmm. That'd be nice! How long have you had the phone? Also, I have problems with iphone users, I don't get all of their texts and they don't get all of mine. I know it's something with the Galaxy S because friends with the Galaxy S have the same issue. Have you experienced that with the g2x?