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    Wifi Calling Error: ER-05 Invalid SIM Card


      So when I set up the phone everything went smoothly and Wifi calling worked just great.  I don't like how it doesn't hand off between wifi and cell signals so I set mine to cellular network preferred.  Now, every time I restart my phone I get "Wifi Calling Error: ER-05 Invalid SIM Card.  Important Notice: Your SIM Card needs to be updated for Wifi calling service compatibility.  Please visit a T-Mobile store or dial 611 from your phone to reach customer care."


      My question is, if I cycle it (turn Wifi calling off and back on) the problem goes away and wifi calling functions properly again.  Has any else had this happen?  I guess my next step would be to call T-Mobile.  I was just curious; it's annoying but I can live with it for now I suppose.

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          I've seen this error happen before after a reboot, but I've never had to take action to correct it. I just waited like 30 seconds, and the WiFi Calling feature changed from red to blue and the error dissapeared. I assumed it was just a timing issue in reading the SIM while the OS was restarting services. Suppose you can live with it? Why did you have to reboot, and why would you be rebooting that often again in the future?

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            I just reboot from time to time, and when I noticed the error I rebooted again to see if it would trigger it.  I waited a few minutes and the red wifi calling icon never went away, so i just cycled it and it was good.  I'm not really that worried about it I suppose if it continues to function properly after I cycle it on and off.  Thanks for your help!

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              The SIM update suggestion message usually comes up when you insert an old SIM card into the S. T-Mobile switched to a new WiFi Calling system when they released the Amaze 4G. The One S uses this new system, so if your SIM is older than the Amaze, you need to physically swap your SIM and get one that is compatible with the new WiFi Calling system (called "IMS").


              What makes your case interesting is that WiFi Calling seems to work from time to time, which makes no sense to me!

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                Coming from a GS2, I'm aware of the wifi calling / new SIM card situation.  Actually, the ONE S uses a micro SIM so without cutting my old SIM there would have been no way to get it in there.  If I set my wifi calling preferences to "wifi preferred," it starts up no problem and wifi calling is activated.  If I set it to "cellular preferred," I get the SIM error.  Every time.

                Doesn't sound like a new SIM would fix this, but I suppose if I knew it would I'd run by the store - which I'll probably do anyways this weekend just to be sure!

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                  T-Mobile stores provide MicroSIM cards.


                  In my experience, a care or tech rep usually has to notate your account to provide you one for free.  Of course I've heard of stores replacing them without said notations.

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                    The MicroSIM that came with my phone is the one that's in the phone.  I'm sure if I took my phone to the T-Mobile store and showed them the error they'd most likely just replace it; my question is, however, whether or not the error would continue happening if I replaced the micro SIM.  I guess it's all moot unless I just go to the store and do it.  Thanks for the help everyone.

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                      Oh.  Sorry, I thought you said you had to cut your other SIM.


                      Your account does have to be set up properly, so there may be some things that can be done if you call T-Mobile (you can mention "Invalid SIM" error but the "ER-05" doesn't seem to have anything specific for it).


                      You may want to make sure your 911 address is valid:

                      MyT-Mobile steps


                      1. Go to www.my.t-mobile.com and log in to your MyT-Mobile account. 
                      2. Under Manage, click Your profile
                      3. Under Customer information, click Edit
                      4. Click Customer info
                      5. Enter your home address and click the Save changes button when finished. 
                      6.   Note: Allow up to one hour for the 9-1-1 address to update.




                      We have a lot of content for troubleshooting "Invalid SIM" errors when using WiFi calling.  Unfortunately all the content is internal, so I cannot link it for you.

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                        I already set up my 911 address back when I got my SGS2, and I never experienced any wifi calling problems with that phone (over the past 6 months).  It may have to do with the Micro SIM.  I'll stop by a store when I get a chance; it's hard to find free time for things like that these days!


                        Thank you to everyone for your help thus far; I'll keep you posted if I find anything out.

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                          I have had this problem happen and it happened when I went settings -more -wifi calling settings - connection preferences and chose "cellular preferred." My HTC One S did not like that at all and would give me your exact same SIM Card error when I booted with my wifi on. When I switched back to Wi-Fi Preferred, it stopped. Wifi blue icon came on and everything was fine.

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                            Right, that's exactly what's going on; my question was whether or not there was a fix for that.  Granted, I want wifi calling when I can't get a signal, but otherwise wifi calling seems to be more of a hinderance because if I leave the signal area when talking it'll drop the call (among other reasons like being a HUGE battery drain).  I just wanted to know if there was a way to not get the error if the setting was on "cellular preferred" when I boot my phone, that's all...

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                              I would like that option as well. I am collecting issues for this phone and I am going to contact them directly. This is important to me because this phone gets lousy signal and drops all the time.

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                                I just encountered this error message last night (new microsim on a new HTC One S). I had toggled the wifi preferences and it showed up. I restarted several times and it finally disappeared sometime today. I confirmed that I can make wifi calls. I'm going to get a new sim card and see if it fixes the problems with this message and really poor signal strength.

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                                  I had the same exact problem! I just walked into a T-Mobile store and all they did was changed my simcard, problem solved! I'm using Wi-Fi calling right now.


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                                    Hi... How does WiFi calling wrk?? N will u still need a international plan with wifi??

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