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      • 45. Re: G2X Software Update

        I'm rooted running CM 7, so I'm guessing I won't see the OTA.


        I'll still let you guys be the testers and wait until it's available online.

        • 46. Re: G2X Software Update

          I just got my update ota.. took 10 min.

          • 47. Re: G2X Software Update

            I am also happy with this phone.

            • 48. Re: G2X Software Update

              Finally can say after the update I am now happy with the phone.

              • 49. Re: G2X Software Update

                Just a heads up:  After the update I'm easily getting well over 24 hours on one charge, with anywhere from 10-20% bettery left to spare (even with 3 email accounts, Tweetcaster, and weather running constantly).  I installed Words with Friends on the phone on one day (just to challenge someone).  The first day, my battery only lasted about 14 hours.  It took me a couple of days of trying to isolate the problem to realize that it was actually Words with Friends that was the culprit.  After uninstalling it, my phone returned to its normal battery usage.  I'd rather not have to worry about whether my battery will die in the middle of the day over having a game installed that I don't play on a regular basis.


                I mention this to say that if you start all of a sudden experiencing battery drain problems, check any apps that you may have recently installed.

                • 50. Re: G2X Software Update

                  That's nice.I still wait for my update to come.Maibe if we post more we can get ICS too.I think this phone can handle the update.

                  • 51. Re: G2X Software Update

                    I'm still waiting for my update I go to about phone every 30 minutes to see if I got the update but sadly I didn't so sad. So I might as well wait for the LG update tool lol

                    • 52. Re: G2X Software Update

                      Same here.I don't know how they pick the phones.

                      • 53. Re: G2X Software Update

                        Yeah from what I'm seeing on few websites they release the update on the 23 of this month but only to 10k user everyday minus the weekend which they call it soak idk know why they call it. But Im waiting :)

                        • 54. Re: G2X Software Update

                          it's released in batches from random IMEI numbers (not location or when/where you bought the phone).  the 'soak time' is to see if there are any major issues reported from the limited initial release.

                          • 55. Re: G2X Software Update

                            This was post then remove on the LG site. Was not suppose to be posted.


                            The update schedule is a bit different, but is as follows:

                            o     4/23 – 10k - Released at ~8am

                            o     4/24 – 10k – Released at 11pm PST

                            o     4/25 & 4/26 – Soak

                            o     4/27 – 25k – Released at 11pm PST

                            o     4/28 & 4/29 – Weekend (no pushes)

                            o     4/30 – 25k – Released at 11pm PST

                            o     4/31 – 25k – Released at 11pm PST

                            o     5/1 – 25k – Released at 11pm PST

                            o     5/2 – 40k – Released at 11pm PST

                            o     5/3 – 100k – Released at 11pm PST

                            o     5/4 – 100k – Released at 11pm PST

                            o     5/5 & 5/6 – Weekend (no pushes)

                            o     5/7 – Remainder (~15k) – Released at 11pm PST

                            • 56. Re: G2X Software Update

                              This is extremely great news for me, hopefully this helps my freezing issues I experience with the G2X. Love the phone but you got to really baby the thing along to get the most out of it. (I'm sure people with the phone know what I mean) It's not ICS, but it's something, I'm just glad to see support still coming along for this phone.

                              • 57. Re: G2X Software Update

                                I had this happen to me a few months ago.  I fought with them to give me another phone. 

                                • 58. Re: G2X Software Update

                                  T-mob sent me an OTA yesterday.  Now my google play apps dont update.  Not cool.  Anybody else experiencing this?

                                  • 59. Re: G2X Software Update

                                    I got the update OTA this morning.  Through Google Play, the update now comes with their own 3rd party Google+ and a couple other google apps.  Google+ will run constantly and you cannot uninstall it unless you root the phone.  Found a couple of references on what apps to run to uninstall this BLOATWARE.  A word of advice......Better get the update from the LG site or you probably will get more Bloatware you cannot uninstall without rooting.

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