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    UPDATE 4/27/2012


    I finally received a return shipping label in my email the other day - had to advise them that I had already received my lable and had already shipped the tablet to them.  Love the checks and balances.


    Anyway...just received my tablet in a box at the door that I did not have to sign for.  I don't know if they fixed it or not because it was shipped back to me exactly as I shipped it to them, including my note about the same problems in the same place I put it.  It looks like they just put a return label on it and shipped it back.  But...I know they did something because they erased everything I had put on the tablet.  There are no notes or information regarding whether or not they fixed it, what they did (if anything), etc. 


    I'll give it a few days and give another update as to whether or not they fixed the problem.


    (keeping fingers crossed)

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    At Last!  I finally received my shipping label but only after having posted my complaint just like a previous post by someone else.  I am preparing to put it in a box and ship it back to them.  As a point of information, what did you include in the box when you shipped it back?  I recall being asked to include a copy of my receipt of purchase and to include the SIM card.  Is there anything else I need to include that you know?


    I'll keep updating as I have information.  Keep all post coming!

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    I was told told to just include the proof of purchase and the RMA number.  I wasn't told to include the sim card, and didn't.  I don't know if they needed it or not, cuz like I said...I'm still not sure they fixed it.


    Good luck!

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    UPDATE: 4/29/2012    


    Well...surprise...surprise...it looks like they did a master reset and sent it back to me.  I guess they didn't trust that I had tried that several times.


    (still) The on/off button has to be pressed 4 or 5 times for 5 to 10 seconds for it to turn off or on.


    (still) Yep...I was sitting here with the Springboard on the table next to me plugged in and nobody near it...lo and behold it rebooted itself.


    These were the original problems and they still exist, so I assume they did nothing to it when I sent it in for repair.

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    When you first go to turn it on or off do you hold it for a few seconds?

    You do need to hold it for it to respond as that is how it is designed.

    I have not had that problem with mine at all or the rebooting issue.

    After the master reset did you test without the external sd card or other applicaitons to rule out a third party app as the problem?

    The problems I have with mine is that the data (whether on wifi or 4g) randomly stops working and need to put in airplane mode and take out to start working about once every few days.

    Also the touch screen sometimes is not the most responsive.

    Didn't have any of the problems with the old Galaxy tab 7.

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    UPDATE: 4/30/12    


    I just called Tmobile to nofity them that I sent the Springboard to the manufacturer as required and it was sent back and not fixed.  An hour on the phone with various techs, etc. and advised once againt that I have to take up the issue with the manufacturer, not TM.  TM transferred me to Huawei and I spoke with a slightly snippy female.  She asked me what was wrong and I advised her that I returned the tablet and it was not fixed.  She put me hold to talk with a supervisor and quickly came back on telling me she couldn't find one right now and I need to call back in an hour or so and see if one is available.  What??? This is customer service?  Then she tells me it was probably returned to me because it was out of warranty or I didn't include proof of purchase.  I told it was under warranty since I just bought it in February and have spent months trying to get it fixed.  I told her that I did include a copy of the original receipt and they even circled my return address on it.  She said there is nothing she can do and I have to call back until I can find a supervisor available.


    Un friggin believable

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    And these people are getting the contract for the next MyTouch device. As you say...un friggin believable. I feel your pain.


    Hope someone in TM is listening here and steps up with a message to their management that they need to jump all over these jackasses. C'mon guys, clearly the normal customer service channels are not capable of dealing with this and it needs management-to-management intervention between the companies.

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    Yeah I know.

    MyTouch by HTC was freaking awesome.

    As it is right now no matter the specs on the new one even if was 8 core I wouldn't touch it.

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    It just got even better.  I called TM back and explained the situation again to the new CSR person and she did a conference call with Huawei.  We spoke with a first line CSR and a supervisor.  We were told that they will NOT replace the unit - that my only option is to return it again even though their notes say they fixed it.  After several minutes of discussion we were told they will probably not sit and watch the tablet to see if it reboots itself because they don't have the time.  The TM rep said she would have TM take care of the issue and we said goodbye to Hauwei.  She then told me she has never heard such poor customer service and couldn't believe they refused to replace the tablet or even try to repair it. 

    At this point I thought she was going to take care of me since she had mentioned cancelling the line of service for me, but she transferred me back to the TM tech dept and I'm on the phone with them now...still...basically starting all over.

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    Just what you are describing is what happened to me. I mailed my tablet back and will see what happens.  Sounds like a class action law suit to me!

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    UPDATE: 4/30/12 @ 6:35PM


    Ok...here is why you need to stay away from Tmobile and Hauwei


    The summary of this entire ordeal:

    I bought a Springboard and realized it was defective 20 days after I received it.  I called TM and they said I have to deal with the manufacturer because they only cover it 20 days beyond the day it was ordered, not delivered.


    Several phone calls...numerous hours on the phone with TM and Hauwei and they both decide the unit is defective and needs to be returned to Hauwei.  I wait 4 weeks for a shipping label to return the unit to Hauwei. 


    I get the unit back from Hauwei 2 weeks after I send it and it has not been repaired, it has the same issues as before.


    I call TM - about 2 hours on the phone with them and a conference call from then to Hauwei and Hauwei says they will NOT replace the unit and my only option is to ship it to them again, but admits they probably won't do anything different. 


    Sooo... Hauwei will not repair or replace their defective unit.


    I talk with several people at TM, including a manager (Stephanie) in customer loyalty, and am advised that even though Hauwei will not provide me with a working tablet, TM will not cancel my contract, will not exchange the Springboard for me, will not let me exchange the Springboard for a Samsung tablet - THEY WILL DO NOTHING and will charge me $200 if I cancel my contract on a service that I cannot use.


    Now that's customer service

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    Well is your T-Mobile service having a problem when the tablet is on and connected?

    Sounds like not.

    They didn't make the tablet and the warranty is with huawei.

    Just like if your TV breaks you bought thru best buy made by samsung with a deal and cheaper price for the tv thru directv. You don't call directv you call samsung.

    No different.

    Huawei, while they did not seem to do anything, are the ones responsible for the device to work properly.

    Other then the little issues that mine is having and not that bad for me to send mine in yet. But that is who holds the warranty and has nothing to do with T-Mobile. Falls under different warranty terms then cell phones too.

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    I understand that, but...to use your example - If I had bought the Samsung tv through Directv and only had the tv for a couple of weeks...I would expect Directv to help me or back me up to a degree.


    I bought the tablet from Tmobile - not 3rd party from Huawei.  TM contracted with Huawei for the tablets that bear their name and logo.  If Huawei refuses to honor the warranty, then Tmobile should do something to assure that the service I'm required to pay for is actually usable.

    It's not like I had this thing for months and trying to get out of the contract after I did something.  Tmobile and Huawei were notified of the issues with the tablet (that they deem to be defective) within 3 weeks of me receiving it.  The main problem is that I didn't notice the problems and notify TM within 20 days from ordering - just 20 days after receiving it.


    I've been with Tmobile since it was VoiceStream and have never run into any issues like this.  Guess it's time to take my losses and venture out.


    Anyone want to buy a VERY slightly used Springboard tablet?

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    He understands that, theartizan, but at some point TM need to understand that they are taking money from this customer, have placed him in a relationship with a vendor which isn't remotely meeting their service obligations, and yet TM are doing nothing to help the customer receive the service for which he is paying them.


    What's worse is that TM are about to award the next MyTouch contract to Huawei and they will then have a different and much more direct warranty responsibility, acting on behalf of a company which is demonstrating that it doesn't give a d@mn about customer service. If I was a TM manager responsible for that upcoming relationship, I would certainly want to see a demonstration of better service commitment.


    TM may not have a warranty responsibility for this device, but as long as they are taking this guy's money for a service that was sold on the back of this device they should have a responsibility to ensure that their customer doesn't get scr3wed over in transactions that they (TM) facilitated.

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    So you are saying DirecTV should help get my TV fixed?

    No different. And bigger cost items.

    It is a bad scenario but sadly those are the facts and won't change. T-Mobile has no provisions to replace the device with another they won't get their money back either.