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Wi-fi calling problem w006.1 error on Nokia e73 mode

When trying to connect to various wi-fi signals for wi-fi calling I get this error. I can use the wi-fi for web but not for calling. I have the newest software available for this phone. At home I have the apple airport base station that I can't fully connect to and it also didn't work at the hotspot at the t-mobile store that the sales representitive tried to help with. I did connect fine at a friend's house who has a different router system (I didn't have to enter a password, I had to hit a button on their router).

Also the Samsung Katalyst we have can connect to the airport base station but the call quailty on our end is usually horrible even when the signal is great.


What can I do? We don't have good enough signal at home and we are thinking of canceling our family plan before saturday as we will still be in the grace period for new contract cancelation without fees.