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    Signal Issues?

      Is anyone else having signal issues with the phone?  Any time I restart I loose all signal and the last time it was out for about 12 hours.  Not getting some notifications.  Already have a replacement on the way.  Any suggestions if the next is **** too??

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          Did you try getting a new sim card had similar problem with my wife's. Went back to the T-Mobile and a got a new and it fixed the problem. Bad sim out of the box.

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            Yep, on a second new one already.

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              Interesting, I'm on a similarly annoying issue:  http://support.t-mobile.com/thread/24732


              Sounds like the first batch of Micro SIM cards may not be functioning 100% properly.

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                That would be great if it's the sim and not the card.  But here to make it more interesting I can't even use WiFi when i'm having the no signal issue.  The phone froze up today and I could only receive calls.  Got it restarted and service back and have it on 2g until the new phone comes in tomorrow.  The sim could be an easy fix I hope!  I may have to go get a 3rd.

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                  I also have signal issues with both Wi-Fi and cell data. I have to leave the phone on WCDMA only to try any hope of keeping signal. (Although I still lose it ALL the time!) If I put it on GSM only then I get signal for a few seconds and lose it entirely. I think it's a software issue as people in the UK are also experiencing the same problems. We are not alone.

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                    I'm going back to TMobile today. Love the phone, but am having serious connectivity issues. I lose the signal entirely intermittantly and never have more than 2 bars.  Mostly 2G. 

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                      Well if it is a software issue the more people to call in and get them to realize it the better.  They said as of now there are no known issues which sucks because it sounds like this is an issue.  I love this phone too and want it to work out!

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                        They always say there's no known issues. This is pretty widespread it looks like throughout the US and other countries as well. I'm going to go stop by a T-Mobile store in just a bit to see if this is a card issue (although that wouldn't explain my Wi-Fi issues) or something entirely different. I know HTC has a horrible track record for quality control so we'll see how this goes...

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                          I'm new to T-Mobile, and my signal up in the fringe of Phoenix fluctuates while I'm sitting in the same spot. 1 bar to 3 bars. I've also noticed that sometimes it feels like I'm dropping data packets, since the app I'm using has to wait long and I see multiple outbound data connections attempted and then finally I get some inbound data connections. When testing using SpeedTest I often see less than Verizon's 3g download speeds (.10mbps -> .5mbps), and then uploads during the same test show 1.5mbps (which is acceptable). Very unusual, and it sure isn't 4g, but I'm hoping it is just bad service up here in North Phoenix.


                          On a related note, I was in fluxuating service area recently and I noticed the phone was hot in my pocket. I checked it, and battery was draining fast. No idea what the cause was there, but I permanently stopped Facebook from syncing. I'll have to see if I can reproduce that situation again.

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                            I bought two of these on the first day they were out and I've been having signal problems ever since.  I get 2G with two or three bars all the time and often no signal at all.  When I am in a good 4G area, the speed is very fast, but that doesn't happen very often.  I really want to like this phone but my wife is ready to ditch it and I'm pretty fed up as well.  Called tech support and they say nothing wrong, restart the phone.  T-Mobile coverage map shows my area with strong 4G signals but in reality there is barely any service or the phone just doesn't pick it up.

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                              Did you have a previous phone on T-Mobile? The maps also cover themselves with this clause:


                              MAP INFORMATION: Maps approximate anticipated coverage outdoors, which may include limited or no coverage areas, and do not guarantee service availability. Within coverage areas, network changes, traffic volume, outages, technical limitations, signal strength, your equipment, obstructions, weather and other conditions may interfere with service quality and availability. Capable device required for network connection and 3G and 4G speeds.


                              The maps in my coverage area say I'm supposed to get 3g, which appears to be the case, but maybe they forgot to mention wind direction could also affect speeds in the the clause above too. I'm moving to North Carolina soon, so at least I can hope that the coverage will be better there based on the maps. I do have a few suggestions for T-Mobile, if someone who drives is listening:


                              • Give your customers some assurance that HSPA+ 42 will be expanded more widely, and maybe people won't be so hesitant to buy the new HSPA+ 42 phones before the magical LTE is fully deployed in 2013-> 2016.http://support.t-mobile.com/thread/24316?tstart=30
                              • Make sure your cell towers are operating at peak efficiency before releasing hot new phones. People can return these things within 14 days, and will. I went into the local store yesterday to check, and sure enough they said that the local tower had an issue so I may be stuck on 2g for a little while.
                              • Include cell tower outages and internet routing problems your support site. This will help reduce calls into your support center.
                              • I've opted in to CarrierIQ reporting. Maybe provide some feedback to the customers to show them how this data is helping. You don't have to reveal all the cards, but give us something.
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                                I forgot one thing:


                                • Have your HSPA+ phones depict when they are in a 3g area. If someone buys a 4g phone with the hope of 21/42 mbps, and the phone says they have a 4g signal on the status bar, yet they can only download/upload at around 0.25 mbps then they are going to assume your 4g isn't up to par.
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                                  My signal drops all the time in places I used to not have problems in like my work and my house, which SUCKS. I am ready to go to the T-mobile store, but would calling be better to make them aware that there is an issue with this phone. I love it, it's fast and pretty but I can't make calls so ... sucks.

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                                    I found a spot where I get data speeds of 7mbps down and 2.3 up. I've never found I place I couldn't make a call from, yet. Did you check the map for both locations? Does it show spotty coverage around both? Are they listed as 2/3/4g?

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