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    One S - serious QC issues, cannot recommend yet.

      Went down to my local T-Mo store and bought the first One S this morning.


      VERY disappointed.


      My wife and I have an MT4G and a G2, we have no problems with great service at my house.  Got the One home, and it would not get a signal.  AT ALL.  BIG X.


      I had to use wi-fi calling to get it to work.


      Downloading one app at a time, it got hot.  Not warm.  It got I-don’t-want-to-hold-it-anymore HOT.  I was afraid to leave it on the charger, it got so hot.  And the full charge barely lasted 2 hours of standby.


      So I obviously had a bad one.  Took it back to the store, manager happily swaps it out.  Take the next one out of its box, and the SIM card cover will not close.  Its loose, we both try to get it to fit back right, but its just messed up.  Won’t close at all.  And the new one WON’T POWER UP.


      So, out of two One S, BOTH were ****.


      At that point, I had enough and got my money back.


      Very disappointing.  HTC apparently has some serious QC issues.


      Sorry if this isn't what you all wanted to hear.  Anyone else having issues?



      Mark L.

      Orlando, FL