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      • 90. Re: ICS update for the T-Mobile Galaxy S2? When?

        Keep in mind that these dates are not concrete.  Any type of hiccup can push the dates off. 

        • 91. Re: ICS update for the T-Mobile Galaxy S2!?? WHEN??

          "Every day that goes by while testing is completed is another day that the platform continues to develop... which means we're even further behind."


          Well, that sounds suitably dramatic, but it is not really true. The current release is current until the moment the AOSP release goes out on the next version. So while Jelly Bean is certainly being worked on in the lab, the progress has absolutely no impact on the market today.


          If, magically, the next update could be deployed to all devices immediately upon release of the AOSP, then the impact of delaying ICS would be to reduce it's effective lifespan, but even that wouldn't be a problem since the new update would be deployed, and presumably better.


          In reality, we will probably wait almost as long from AOSP to update for JB as we have for ICS.


          What I'm getting at is that what happens in the future is really irrelevant. The only valid issues are, on the one hand, what is an appropriate delay from Google releasing the AOSP to the carrier signing off on a specific device port from the manufacturer, and on the other hand, ensuring an acceptable quality level for the update so that it doesn't:


          A) Diminish the service experience for customers,


          B) Create logistical nightmares for the carrier trying to provide tier 1 & 2 support if a problem occurs on tens of thousands of devices, and


          C) Result in a rash of contract disputes, if service levels are seriously impacted.


          Google's Jean-Baptiste Queru just this week explained that the update from Gingerbread to ICS is particularly difficult, much less so than from Honeycomb, which explains why more tablets are so far upgraded than phones. What he failed to grasp was that the carriers have a particular responsibility to ensure the quality of each device port, for the above stated reasons, even if that adds a frustrating level of delay to the process.


          Involving third party testers in the process is another nice sounding idea, which will probably not happen because of the impossibility of establishing a correct and necessary level of accountability into that process. With considerable amounts of time and money invested in each update iteration (testing, delivery and subsequent support), there is no way that the carrier could entrust the liability for testing outside their own organization or - at a minimum - an outsourced organization from whom proper compensation could be obtained, should the testing be carried out inadequately. While that may sound unduly bureaucratic, it is an inevitable consideration for business.


          With all that said, it is conceivable that TM could move to deploy some of their updates more quickly if they had more resources dedicated to each product test plan and if they wanted to run concurrent update rollouts, but they have to prioritize their business and, for reasons I have stated more than once in other threads, I don't believe that TM are able and/or inclined to do either of those things.

          • 92. Re: ICS update for the T-Mobile Galaxy S2!?? WHEN??

            That should, of course, read "...much MORE so than from Honeycomb..."

            • 93. Re: ICS update for the T-Mobile Galaxy S2!?? WHEN??

              And one thing to remember, every day that goes by, the platform is becoming more supported by app developers. One reason I never would have bought a Galaxy Nexus on launch was the fact that I'd have had to put up with a lot of problems from incompatible apps. By the time we get it, most apps should support it quite well. That's at least one headache avoided. Sometimes good things really do come to those who wait.

              • 94. Re: ICS update for the T-Mobile Galaxy S2? When?

                It didn't say anywhere it was the ICS update, it was an auto update. I just assumed it was the ICS. It never actually downloaded, seemed frozen on the update screen. Still haven't got it again since then.

                • 96. Re: ICS update for the T-Mobile Galaxy S2? When?

                  This is a tenative date and not etched in stone.  This was a leaked date that neither Samsung or T-Mobile put out.  If there are any problems in the testing phase then expect that date to slip back beyond May 14th.

                  • 97. Re: ICS update for the T-Mobile Galaxy S2? When?

                    Sprint has released ICS to the GS2. t-mobile needs to release it omg!

                    • 98. Re: ICS update for the T-Mobile Galaxy S2? When?

                      Could you post a picture or a link that confirms that.  I'm just curious to see. I've checked high and low and haven't seen in news infomation to confirm this.  If it's a friend or family member's phone it could be they're running a custom ROM.

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                        its a friend who updated his Gs2 via kies

                        • 100. Re: ICS update for the T-Mobile Galaxy S2? When?

                          This video could possibly end the Apple vs Android debate. Their are 4 parts out of 6 ready to be viewed on Youtube.  Maybe.

                          • 101. Re: ICS update for the T-Mobile Galaxy S2? When?

                            Are you sure you are not confusing it with the Sprint Nexus S 4G, which did get an ICS update earlier in the month?


                            If you are talking about their Epic 4G Touch device, the latest update referred to on their web site is from January and added an emergency alert capability to the current Gingerbread OS.

                            • 102. Re: ICS update for the T-Mobile Galaxy S2!?? WHEN??

                              Besides going to XDA Developers is there a way we could get this update with FAR LESS of the traditional bloatware? I have dozens of things that pop up and run and show in my Advanced Task Killer screen, and many of them I HAVE NEVER USED. They start themselves up and bog me down, and I would love to do with out them, all of them, and then add in the ones I wanted later. Also, is there a way I can end the continual flow of ads that pop up on my notification screen? Some days I get five, other days I get sixty offers, ads, YOU WON!!! Help end the intrusion. Please - can we get a clean android?

                              • 103. Re: ICS update for the T-Mobile Galaxy S2!?? WHEN??

                                This is something you've downloaded on your phone.  The stuff T-Mobile put on the phone will sit dormant until you open them.  I'd recommend AppBrain Ad Dectect.  This will help you find the problematic apps.  I had a screen lock app that was hitting me with ads in the notification bar.  Once I uninstalled it there were no more problems.

                                • 104. Re: ICS update for the T-Mobile Galaxy S2!?? WHEN??

                                  Things that I find running - without initiation - are G-Mail (understood for my contacts and calendar), Google Play Books*, Google Play Music*, Google Search (even when not used), Lookout, Maps, Media Hub*, Netflix*, Slacker Radio*, Tegra Zone Games, T-Mobile Mail*, T-Mobile TV*, Visual Voice Mail*, Zinio*, and the ones with * have opened without me having EVER used them.


                                  I will look into the AppBrain and Ad Detect, but that self opening stuff is crazy. It never happened with my Windows Mobile Phones.

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