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        LG's Reply


        I asked

        Hello, there was an update from v21e to v21y posted for a few days and is now gone. All the reports I have read say it works well and fixes a bunch of known problems with the model phone (battery life, bluetooth, freezes, and hopefully the ringer fade in problem). Will it be made available again? Also will ICS ever be available for this phone?


        Their reply

        Thank you for contacting LG Electronics

        ------Reply to Your Inquiry-------


        Good Afternoon, Benjamin!


        Thank you for contacting LG Electronics, I understand your concern, and it will be my pleasure to assist you as far as I am able.


        As far as I know from what I've pulled up the current version is V21E.


        As far as the ICS availability when it will be released by Android to LG we cannot say I'm afraid.


        I can only advise you to continue to check with us periodically until we can say different.

        Oh well.... LOL  Fat lota good that did!



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          Couple of questions that concern me, 1) camera app: Which is it? (lg/stock gb) 2) Do the icons displaying reception signal for voice and data finally turn green? 3) does the software still have that lock screen bug where after you press the power/unlock button your home screen shows then a second after the lock screen appears with the sliders to put the phone on vibrate or to unlock? And Thanks to those that answer these questions.

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            1.  stock camera

            2.  no

            3.  I never really noticed that issue before on the stock rom, and still don't notice it now.

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              I think they should at least release the drivers to the Android community. The 'Community' will take care of ICS for this phone if LG doesn't want to do it. 'They' already have version of ICS for this phone but lack certain drivers for complete functionality. Quite impressive what some of these "Cooks" have done actually. I've been running a very stable GB ROM for some time. The ICS ROMs won't let my phone do what I need it to do daily.


              Again, If LG won't do it themselves, at least help those who will.

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                looks like it is official as of april 23rd


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                  My OTA update came yesterday (4/27). So far so good. I've read a couple of complaints about not being able to install or update apps, but I have had no problems with that. Here what tmo says.

                  • Over the air (OTA) update: T-Mobile will push the update to your device sometime between 4/23 and 5/14. We cannot expedite how soon we send the OTA to individuals.
                  • Manual update: If you do not want to wait for the OTA, you can update through LG's website beginning 5/14.


                  • Improvements:
                    • Random  reboot/power off fixed   
                    • Device stability improvements   
                    • Wi-Fi Calling  improvements   
                    • Boot up fixes
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