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    TMO News



      I know we are locking new threads to the original discussion but thought this was important enough.

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          This is good news and a perfect way of getting information out but yet being silent at the same time.

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            At this point it has to come soon. When the phone launched they said it was definitely going to get ICS and there was also a mention during the 1st Qtr of 2012. It will be slightly past the 1st Qtr on 05/14, which makes it seem realistic. I would think if not the 14th then some time in May.

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              Came to post this article.  Glad you already got it out there.  Hopefully 30 new threads don't pop up on the same topic!

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                Credit is due to recoil on the article...lol I would imagine more new ICS posts will still happen. Hopefully the 05/14 date is solid as it gets..ha

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                  Just PLEASE, everyone who reads this please understand that it's by no means a promised release date, and could be nothing more than an internal "goal" date.

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                    That's true, and if it's OTA it will probably be sent out over a period of couple of weeks. If it's Kies only then it will be available right away on whatever day they release it. At least we have a general timeframe now and Tmobile knows this leaked so if that date really wasn't the target date I'm sure they will now try to make it as close as possible.

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                      At the very least, it should assuage some fears caused by Samsung's statement about releases. We know for a fact it is in the works, and probably has been for a while.

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                        There will still be whiners no matter what happens.


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                          Always is right. Even if they got the update yesterday there would be complaints that they didn't get it two days ago.

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                            I concur and approve this message.

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                              i smell big time BS and also smell mytouch 3g repeat disaster, this has been talked abut since last year with fake dates and big time rumors, besides that you should know better the (HTC ONE S) will need to sale big time, but even with that all we are ever going to get for now is the wonderful rumors and fake dates, and befor you go calling me a whiner lol i realy dont care for the update if it comes it comes if not am still injoying the samsung galaxy s 2 its been one of the best phones ive had by far.

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                                thanks for your opinion. just posting an article, not claiming it to be fact.  my guess has never changed that it HAS been a finished product for a time, and they will wait to actually roll it out after GSIII's release.