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    what will ICS do for my phone

      This is probably a dumb question, but after reading crazy amounts of posts all over the web, I dont really see much info as to what this update will do to make my life better. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy having my rediculously expensive phone being and staying current, but what will my phone be able to do that GoLauncher doesnt do for me? Please dont ridicule me for this question......

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          I had the chance to use my friend's international SII that has gotten the ICS update at lunch today. There was very little difference. The unlock screen was better. The settings were a little different - some things were now down a menu. The dialer looked a little bit different but not any better. The buttons on the bottom behaved differently. Most but not all of the apps worked.


          It was pretty much the same.

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            I'm not sure what you mean. Being you looked at it at lunch time you may not have had enough time to check things out. Lets not forget the use of Google Wallet with NFC and Chrome Browser will now be an option. Two things right off the bat. There is also a spellchecker added to the default keyboard. The user interface is entirely different. There have been enhancements to the camera/video app....If you look at the link provided above it has it all laid out for you.

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              Mostly from those two just chrome brower.

              Most likely Google Wallet won't work.

              Google has it pretty restricted to certain devices.

              I have the Amaze on ICS and they won't let me install it at all.

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                It would be tough to believe that Google Wallet will not work on a high end device like the GS2, however we have been surprised before. There is also ISIS as an option. If Google wants to expand this service they will not restrict it much longer. ISIS is a direct competitor who already has more merchants on board. ISIS also signed a big deal with Chase.

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                  With TouchWiz, a lot of the overt differences will be hidden, but if you get a launcher like Nova or Apex, which are based on stock ICS, then there will be a lot more asthetic differences. Some features like FaceUnlock will be noticable either way, but a lot of the differences are under the hood. I'm looking forward to more integrated hardware acceleration (where the GPU is used to make UI elements smoother, rather than relying solely on the CPU), even if that's not a complete cure for stutter. There are also some aspects of ICS that are more of a difference on the developer side, which we will eventually see incorperated into more apps (when the number of phones with ICS grows). Sort of like when a lot of apps would only run on 2.1 or 2.2 when those versions of Android came out. Overall, it's not like you'll have a whole new phone (I once went from 1.5 to 2.1, and that was like a whole new phone), but there are a few nice things to look forward to.

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                    So I took another much longer look at ICS on an SII at lunch again because my first look may have been too brief.


                    It still looks and works about the same as Gingerbread.


                    We specifically opened the camera app side-by-side and saw no differences in the main UI and the menus. We even took pictures at the same time and the processing time and image quality were identical.


                    The unlock screen was better and the scrolling was better.


                    My friend agreed that after using ICS for a week there was no significant difference in day-to-day use.


                    Google Wallet and NFC are a non-issue for me. I have no intention of setting up my financial information with Google just to be able to do nothing I can't do today with a debit/credit card at a handful of retailers that I don't frequent. NFC has been around for about a decade and it hasn't caught on yet. The only retailer that is listed as accepting PayPass - aka NFC - that I have actually seen consistently having a PayPass terminal is McDonalds. My last two PNC debit cards had NFC but my new one does not. None of my three cards have NFC now. If NFC was a big deal it would caught on years ago. Plus there is the security issue of NFC where sniffers can access your NFC cards in your pocket. Thanks but no thanks on Google Wallet and NFC.


                    How about ICS point one working in landscape mode like Honeycomb? Wasn't this release supposed to merge Gingerbread and Honeycomb anyway?  That would make a real difference and differentiate Android from iOS and WinMobile.