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      How can I turn off the conversion of voicemail to a fairly unintelligible string of messages. I have already blocked out the message server and selected options for no messages?


      It does this for Google Voice and For T-mobile voicemail. I do NOT want this "service"

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          I think that's a paid service that prompts you when you use Visual Voicemail, you may have accidentally agreed to it trying to turn it off.  I recommend contact Customer Care and have them turn this paid feature off.

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            Apparently Visual Voicemail is "free" but you rack up message charges as every voicemail is broken down into little bits.


            I do not want this. I want to turn visual voicemail off but I cannot do it from my phone. Makes me want to beat the thing :>).

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              Did you contact Customer Care and explain the situation to them?

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                Definately call T-Mobile and tell them to cancel it. If you're nice and explain that you never wanted this feature and didn't mean to ever activate it, you may (MAY) be able to get those charges removed, or at least reduced.