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    Video format and limitations

      I am not very familiar with smartphones and apps for them. I use a desktop and like sending video messages. Now many family members have smartphones.  Please advise me of the requirements of sending video messages from desktop to smartphones. Which delivery method would be best and possible (video attachment to email addressed directly to phone #,  video attachment to an e-mail acct that is associated with the phone, or link to a webserver to view online w/option to download)?  What format(s) and resolutions are playable on this smartphone?  Is there a filesize restriction that the phone imposes itself besides capacity of internal memory?  What is T-Mobile's policy on filesize and type of media restrictions on delivery to smartphones?  My personal messages generally range from 2 mins to 20 mins and usually compressed to under 25mb in .wmv format.

      I would appreciate anyones response in this subject and I give thanks in advance.