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    Samsung Exhibit  II

      This phone is one of the poorest quality phones I have ever gotten from T'Mobile, after 2 weeks it was freezing and shutting down, returned it to the T'Mobile store and they gave me another phone and told me I just got a bad batch of phones, this one lasted about a week but we delt with it untill it got worse so now we have had the pleassure of having 2 of these fine quality phones in about one and a half months with the same issues so once again I returned to the T'Mobile store but this time got a responce of there is nothing we can do about it you have to call customer loyality.  "DOES T'Mobile REALLY CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS"


      WE called customer loyality right in front of the store and I talked with one agent for about one hour and it was like talking to a wall, First she said all android smart phones freeze and lock up, I told her I have had mione for 2 years and never had that problem and all she could tell me over and over was we could send our phone in (We would be without a phone) and she would send me a new  samsung exhibit II, I tried to tell her I did not want another phone like that because I really don't want to go thru with the whole deal of switching the phones out and having the same issue, and then comes the real words out of her mouth she said........................I Guarentee that that you won't have any issues with your new phone, I asked her how can you give me a guarentee like that when we have had two phones already with the same issues and she still insisted that she could guarentee it   I asked to talk to someone else about the samsing exhibit


      She put me through to Tech Support............


      I talked to the Tech Suport agent for about 1 hour and I found out that the Samsung Exhibit II has had alot of issues, and that T'Mobile and Samsung has been in negotions over the software issues of that certain phone and he could get me another phone like that and hope that it would work out for us, I said no I might as well keep the one I have because I have already had two, I asked why no one else was aware of those issues and he said they should be because they all get the same info, he then told me the next time I get a phone I should call tech support if I needed to find out if that was a good phone, I asked him if there was another way to get a working phone, because I really don't want to got the same route I have been going he asked if I had one I had been looking at and I said the HTC Radar  (at the time I only had looked at a few features)  He checked a few things and told me we could have it for a special rate of $169.00 I let him know it would be not for a few weeks and he said that was fine it would be on my site at that cost


      Today I decided to look at the HTC Radar and it does not have some features that I need, so I looked at other ones, but the web site does not give me the price without updating contracts which I don't want, I just want to purchase a phone


      So I called customer loyality and talked to once again another fine agent, and it was like starting over, its too bad that when the agents type or record the conversations that they don't save it in the customers file..........


      Anyway I was talking to another agent and he tells me that I can not up grade on the line of service I can upgrade on the other line, I tried to tell him I did not want to do that because thats mine and the one I am doing is for my gf, and he said he was sorry but I could not upgrade on that one, I tried to tell him again I did not want to upgrade I just want a phone to work, I told him I had already cut a deal on a phone and he said that was only for the radar and that it was a special price which I told him I knew but if you gave me a special price for that one why not cancel that and get one that works better for me he once again tells me that I could not up grade that line.


      I then went on to tell him its really too bad that all of T'Mobile can't tell me the same thing because if you could get it together it would be alot easier to understand but the way that you all have differnt answers its hard  to tell whats right


      He said he understood my issue but once again he said he could not upgrade that line............


      Why is this so hard to do, I am not asking much..............


      I mean don't you want to hold onto the customers that have been loyal over the years and possibly got some customers for you for being so loyal.....


      And with that I had enough for tonight,

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            If I needed a self help page I would have went to it myself, I don't need a self help page its software issue and that was told to me by a T'Mobile tech support rep named Jovan, 2 weeks ago.  So I don't think a self help page would work with the issue I am having, its really to bad that T'Mobile does not really listen to..........as they tell us "Valued Loyal Customers"


            I see so many posts on here from Valued Loyal Customers that are having the same issues!!


            Sooooooooooo unless you can help me directly about helping me get a new phone, don't send me to a self help page!!


            IT'S SOFTWARE ISSUE!!


            Very ****** Off Valued Loyal Customer

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              Sadly if you look through the forums, youll see where Tmobile reps have admitted that this phone has several 'known issues' which they claim theyre working to fix but have done absolutely nothing in the six plus months since the phone was released.  One of those issues is screen freezing (while others have power cycling, SMS failures and a host of other problems).  Im not sure if its just a bunch of faulty phones, the software, the network or what...Whats clear is that Tmobile knows the handset has these problems and their response is basically Tough  pay your bill and if you dont like it, change handsets or carriers.  I can tell you I also had this screen freezing issue - and despite numerous factory resets, 2 manufacturer repairs and even trying a different handset, the problems always recurred.  No troubleshooting steps ever worked and the phone still froze daily for month after month.  Tmobile claims th eyre working with Samsung on a fix but everyone Ive spoken to at Samsung says they know nothing about this and blames all the problems on Tmobile. At a minimum,  youd think theyd test these phones before releasing.  A Tmobile tech support rep even told me he tried the phone and had the same exact problems; I dont know if t his is true or not but he claimed that Tmobile had purchased these phones so they wouldnt recall or fix th e issue --- they just were going to sell out the inventory and be done.  Again, I have no idea if t hats true but I just wanted to let you know that you are not the only customer who has experienced the freezing issue.  It has nothing to do with apps or memory --- I had to take the battery out and reset the phone almost every single day -and despite everyone saying this was not normal & Tmobile employees repeatedly claiming they were aware of this issue - Nothing has been done to solve the problem and there has not been a single software update since the phone was released last Fall.


              Good luck...but TMobile ECR literally told me to switch carriers if I didnt like the phone - "Theres nothing we can do.  We're sorry youre not satisfied with our resolution" is their standard response - even though they HAVE DONE NOTHING to resolve the pro blem except to blame Samsung and t heir own customers.  And then they wonder why their churn rate is so high or why longterm customers are so dissatisfied with the customer service.

              They can continue to be the ostrich with head buried in the sand and blame the iphone for all defections but your proof of the decline in customer service and the refusal to resolve known issues with handsets that are obviously defective.

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                Btw, hippybear, we got the same response --- stonewalling, blaming the customer for what theyve installed or on some random app, saying that freezing daily is normal for Android and that Android phones always lag (theres a difference between slow and totally freezing every day)...so again just wanted to validate that what youve exprienced has sadly become the way Tmo does business th ese days....I agree with you that if Tmo cant fix the issue, they should at least provide customers with an alternative comprable working phone...A customer shouldnt have to buy a brand new phone...Same with all the customers who are being told by Tmobile to turn off their 4G network connection (that they pay for) in order to send a one word text message.  Its actually quite comical -- if it werent affecting so many folks - but on one hand, Tmobile is running new ads touting their great large 4G network - and yet in writing on these forums - multiple employees have told customers 'you should just turn off your 4G network whenever you want to send an SMS message"...Simple fix...Turn off that 4G network we're bragging about whenever you want to send a text and not get a failure message.

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                  I've had the same issue for the past 6 months~  just never got anyone to say that it was the Exhibit II .  They have sent me 4 replacements~ told me to uninstall my apps and do a master reset. Even with NO downloaded apps, the problem continued. They finally said they would send me a Prism. I looked at the reviews and said thanks but no thanks~ 2 years ago this wasn't a good phone. The guy tried to tell me the phone had never been released until last week, so it wasn't possible to read reviews. I again refused. So they sent me to customer loyalty~  The lady sold me a new phone for $55 and a 2 year contract extension~  with a 8mp camera and 4.2 Android system... an LG My Touch! When the phone came and it turned out to be a 3 mp camera and 2.3 Android, I again called.  The CS specialist told me it was indeed an upgrade worthy of a 2 yr contract extension~  so I asked her to compare the phones side by side...  oops! She had to admit that the only difference between the 2 phones was the name.  I sent the phone back and was told that as soon as they received it I would be allowed to purchase a Galaxy IIIS  for $149. I called today and the NEW CS specialist said "sorry,  that's not an option~  they could sell me a My Touch for $75!!!

                  Customer service is a joke with this company.  I have talked to 9 ppl in the last week~ including TWO 'supervisors'  Each call was at least an hour long,  each call made me go thru all the steps again to see if they could resolve my Exhibit issues. Each rep apologized that the last rep didn't know how to do his/her job.

                  I've got a year left in this contract, with a phone that won't work~  have run out of options but to pay the $200 to get out of this?