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        Do at your own risk. I am not liable for any damage you may do to your phone.


        I have done this many times and have never had any troubles


        Try go into factory recovery

        -power down

        -hold vol up and down and power till t-mo comes up

        -let go of power but continue to hold vol up and down.


        some words will appear and the stock recovery screen will appear.


        4 options available


        1. reboot system

        2. apply update from sd card

        3. wipe data/factory reset

        4. wipe cache partition


        toggle volume down to #4 wipe cache

        push power button to select




        if this option doesn't work you may have to do #3 Factory wipe.

        This option will blank your phone as if it was new, so you may want to back up you contacts(if you do not already), and copy all photos and videos to a computer first.


        usually a factory wipe helps clear up the gremlins but not always!!!!

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          I have all those issues and the phone would not upgrade.Samsung made a poor unit this time.

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            I am sorry to hear that some of you are still having issues with your SAMSUNG Galaxy S 4G. We are past the realm of what I can address in a forum setting; please send me a private message if you would like more assistance.


            Thank you for contacting T-Force,


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              Does the samsung galaxy s 4g have a flash for the camera? If so, where, and how do u access it? Also, my friends & family tell me on a daily basis they called or texted me several times, and I never answered, but my phone never rang or registered their text or on the call log.i'm fearful of doing an upgrade cuz of ask the negative comments about the subject tmo_sean_h ...help please

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                Great Question! The Samsung Galaxy S 4G does not have a flash for the camera. The Samsung Galaxy S 4G does have different Scene Modes that you can use, and those can be found on page 108 of the user manual.


                A great first step of any troubleshooting is to turn the device off and remove the battery. If that does not resolve the issue, please remove all 3rd party applications.


                Thank you for contacting T-Force,


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                  I did Hardware Master Reset and installed all applications again. My problems looks like resolved and irritation due to black screen and frozen screen is no longer happening. However, the stable  fluide experience of Froyo is missing though GignerBread UI has many improvements over Froyo. I hope T-mobile will work with Samsung to give us stable properly tested ICS 4.0 upgrade.

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                    I upgraded my phone no problem phone running fine

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                      im running the latest firmware 2.3.6 on my phone and it keeps frezzing and rebooting, are there any patches for this or am i stuck with it untill the next update comes out?


                      ive already done a master reset and it feels like its only made it worse.


                      im on my third phone and im tired of having a brand new phone that only has problems, and never works right

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                        This issue still hasn't been resolved. There is obviously a known problem with the Samsung Galaxy S 4G and the latest Gingerbread update. Both my wife's and my phone still have the probems discussed in this forum thread. When is T-Mobile going to acknowledge a problem exists and openly work with Samsung and/or Android to repair this issue. Other forums say that the problem exists with the modem and that reverting to the rom for the modem in 2.2 would repair the issue.


                        Hello, anybody out there?

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                          Hello...see other chats on this problem.  Neither T-Mobile nor Samsung will admit there are lots of folks out there with these problems ever since the OS update to GB...continue to insist it is a third party app or operator error.

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                                 I was finally able to get resolution through the TM Community reps!

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                              My boyfriend and I have the same exact issues ever since the update. We have been to countless Tmobile stores, talked to many customer service reps,Samsung etc and no one can seem to figure this issue out. The Tmobile closest to our house told us they are well aware of these issues with our phones and that they have had many complaints, as well as the fact that Tmobile is well aware of the problem but has yet to fix it.  They tried everything they could think of to fix it, but failed. They told us there was nothing we could do other than purchase a new phone, for FULL price. I am absolutely fed up with this horrendous service and we are tempted to pay the money to cancel our service.


                              Here are some of the issues I have had( and yes we have done several factory and master resets, the reps have as well):


                              -constant freezing to the point where I have to do a battery pull


                              -phone will not let me make calls, it freezes or forces a close out of the screen, this happened about a week ago when I was on my way to class ( I go to college in another city) and my car broke down. Ridiculous! I had to fiddle with my phone for 30 minutes to text my boyfriend to help me out.


                              -old messages are resent. At first this was just happening when my boyfriend and I would text each other, however now the phone is sending OLD TEXTS to several of my friends, all at once, sometimes up to 45 TEXTS at a time! Not everyone that these have been sent to have unlimited text.....absolutely not right!


                              -texts constantly fail;it doesn't matter if I'm on GMS only, GSM/WCDMA etc. The problem is always present.


                              -Low WiFi signal; literally right after the update, my signal dropped drastically. It is not my router, everything else iPad, a friends iPhone, our TV all have full bars worth of strength with fast speed


                              -bad service and dropped calls


                              -black screen with menu buttons flashing as well


                              -freezing during texts



                              We have had our SIMS replaced as well, that did not help.


                              The reps in the store have more than tried to help and we have greatly appreciated it however, Tmobile really needs to fix this issue ASAP. How is it fair that we are paying for a phone AND service that we cannot even use most of the time or to its full potential? If we PAY for service and a working phone, that is what we should receive. We pay insurance as well, but that will not fix the issue. Plenty have said they continue to have issues even after replacing the phone several times.


                              I am not about to pay full price for a different phone after all of this.


                              Step up your game Tmobile. You have a lot of unhappy customers.

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                                What was the solution? It would be greatly appreciated before I feel the need to throw my phone out of the car window! lol.

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