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    Random network busy  and no network on Nokia 1616

      I have been getting VERY frequent but intermittent issues with this as well. I have full or most bars, and try to call and get a network busy, and then when i finally get through after repeatedly cycling phone on and off, i will also realize my phone was not working for some time bc i get several voicemails and texts at once. Also I can stand in the exact same spot and one minute have full bars, and the next have no network even outside, in a dark green, full coverage area... again i will cycle it on and off till it resolves, but sometimes this doesnt work and i have tried removing the battery and reseating the sim and the battery, and it seems the whole thing is rather random, but always when i need the phone! This has been happening for at least the last few days, so its not an outage issue... and maybe longer, but previously i was blaming it on the huge building i was in, but now it even happens out in the open!

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          Hery Celtic,


          You have done some wonderful troubleshooting so far.  The next thing we want to check is the sim card.  Can you go to a local tmobile store and replace the sim card.  Let us know if the coverage and network busy issue is resolved.





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            I will take it in if the problem resurfaces. It seems there was a handoff issue at specific locations and a trouble ticket to the engineers from the customer service agent i got on the phone seems to have fixed the issue.

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              I have the same "Network Busy" message since June 23 -everyday all day.  I've gone through all of the trouble shooting with tech support on my land-line -while trouble-shooting my mobile phone -> phone off, sim card out, sim card in, power on, battery out - all of it and nothing worked.  I am able to make no calls or receive any calls.  When I call my phone from another phone, the system says "All circuits are busy, try you call later" and gives some number.  I talked to Technical support and they passed a report on to the Engineers to see what is going on in my immediate area.  They said it would be 72 hours before they will know.  I'm very sick of this problem.  I had this issue before, a couple of times.  Do any other the other networks have this problem?  I've been with a loyal customer for well over 13 years and use my phone with my business.  I have no clue to how many customers are trying to contact me; because I cannot receive calls or check my voice mail.  They are not going to voice mail anyway, because "all circuits are busy" when they call.  I don't want to switch carriers; but if this **** keeps up I will have no choice but to seek better service with another carrier.