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    Sidekick LX PV300 Internet Not Supported?

      I bought a new T-Mobile branded Sidekick LX PV300 (2009); I am able to place/receive calls and text messages, but no internet access. 

      I spent about an hour on the phone with technical support troubleshooting the problem until they told me that my phone is no longer supported by T-Mobile. 


      By their instructions, I have changed the APN address several times; the default setting was hiptop.t-mobile.com.  I have changed it to wap.voicestream.com, epc.tmobile.com, and epc.t-mobile.com


      I have two dots, but when I attempt to access the internet, it gives me an error "service unavailable"


      I wanted tocheck to see if there are any other settings I can try to get it to work, of if it is indeed true that I'm stuck with a useless phone.