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    Can't send Long text messages after Gingerbread update!

      I noticed many other people had this same issue, but I didn't see a resolution yet. Ever since updating my Samsung Galaxy S 4G to Gingerbread, I am unable to send messages longer than 140 characters or so (one SMS page). This is very frustrating, as it means I have to stop typing, select the part of my text that is going over, cut it, send the text, paste it back in, and repeat.


      Before the update, I could send any length of text -- the device would simply slice it into multiple "pages" and send it as multiple messages, or else convert it to an MMS message if it exceeded 3 pages.


      Now it still acts as if it's going to let me send it, but gets stuck for a moment on "Sending message" then just says, "Message not sent." There's not even any indication of WHY it didn't send the message (but sending texts shorter than 150 chars or so works fine).


      Please fix this ASAP! As you can see from this post I tend to be long-winded and I'm getting really sick of retyping/cutting-and-repasting my messages!!

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          I'm sorry to say that its an issue with the KJ6 modem of the rom.  There is no easy solution to fix it at the moment, unless you are willing to root and flash back to a earlier version.  Its not the easiest solution to do, but I have the same issues and its the only solution that I found searching online.

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            Hi creatorbri,


            Once you go over 150-160 characters your phone is still converting the message to an MMS. There is a known issue with MMS failures. Check out this information below:


            The error, ‘Message not sent’ or 'Error in server response' will appear when a picture message is sent if the contact’s phone number is saved in the phone book including dash ( - ) marks.  This error may also appear if the To  phone number is manually entered including dash ( - ) marks.


            Important Notes

              • When viewing a contact, the phone number(s) listed will always show dashes. This does not accurately show how the number was entered and saved for the contact. To see how the number was entered, follow the steps below to edit the contact. 
              • Other special characters saved in the contact's phone number may also cause this error.  Common characters used in phone numbers include parentheses "(" or ")", commas "," or periods "." 
              • This issue does not occur when sending text messages (SMS.)


            To prevent this error, perform one of the following actions:


            • Do not enter dash ( - ) marks when manually entering the recipient’s phone number. 
            • Do not save contact phone numbers with any special characters including parentheses, commas, or periods.


            To resolve this error, follow these steps to edit contacts saved in the phone book and remove dash ( - ) marks from the saved phone numbers.



            1. Identify the contact which the MMS did not send to. 
            2. From the home screen, tap Contacts
            3. Select the contact that is affected by this issue. 
            4. Tap Menu and then Edit
            5. Remove any dashes ( - ) or special characters in phone numbers listed for the contact.  If necessary, re-enter the phone number manually without dashes or other characters. 
            6. Tap Save
            7. Tap the Home key to exit to the home screen. 
            8. From the home screen, tap Messaging.  
              • Important:  If there is an existing message thread to this contact, delete it.  If you try sending a new message using the existing thread, the phone will still try to send to the 'old' phone number with the dashes.
            9. Create a new picture message to the contact and send it.


            If MMS still fails after following these steps, then this known issue is not the cause of the failure.  Ask other probing questions to determine the root cause of the picture messaging failure.


            If you are still having this issue, please let me know.

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              not sure if thats the issue.  Thought that if you sent a sms that was too long, it supposed to split them up as 2 seperate ones???


              Your mms theory doesn't hold true as one can send an mms to the same contact but not a 200 char sms??


              This is a known issue with the GB update. Thats it.  Has to do with the modem script.

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                I have the same problem last night as i was trying to send a long message and it says Message not sent.Now i am regrating my Gingerbread update few days ago although the phone is working fine

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                  I'd like to ask here if anyone has found a solution for this yet? I'm sorry for posting to this thread, I just have the same issue and haven't found any solution. I just updated my phone to gingerbread today and ever since I can't send longer text messages without them failing. The "assumed answer" isn't helping.

                  Thanks in advance!

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                    ANY UPDATE ON THIS??? I just updated my phone and it's driving me CRAZY!!!!!

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                      Was having the same issue, had to share this workaround


                      Thankfully, the app Go SMS Pro (its free), which is actually a pretty decent messaging app btw, has an option under:

                      Settings -> (Advanced Tab) Send Settings -> Check "Split large messages"


                      Enabling this setting will allow the app to automatically split your messages for you so they don't fail while sending!