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    Data, WIFI, Messaging Issues!



      I've been having a few problems on my Galaxy S2 these past few months (i.e. every month except the first--coincidence or TM mojo?). To list them (sorry, a bit verbose)--


      • It seems that my phone uses data even when I'm not using it, e.g. when I'm sleeping, and a lot of it. I wouldn't mind if it stole a few MBs, but my data goes from 0 to 1GB overnight and I "use" my 2GB in two to three days! I do not often use applications that require data nor do I surf the internet/stream movies and music regularly. I don't have any widgets displayed on my home screens and I've developed a habit of regularly clearing my cache/activity because of it. Just until recently I was constantly turning 'Plane Mode' on and off, and now I've resorted to an app that allows me to turn off the data connection, which is good for my battery, sure, but quite the hassle and also a bit annoying. And when I do turn 4G on for, say, GPS, it eats up at least 500 MB. The first month I had this phone it was fine, but it's been going downhill since.
      • Something is up with my WIFI calling. My side of the call lags going through to the other end. This is particularly annoying, of course, 'cause when someone calls and I'm on WIFI, I have to reject their call, turn it off, and call them back. It's not my WIFI connection--it happens everywhere I can connect to it and a friend of mine who also has a smart phone (though not the S2) with T-Mobile does not experience the same problems.
      • I can't receive picture/video and group (texts that are sent to multiple people by the sender) messages on my phone. They come through as a file that I have to "download," but clicking that button never works.


      In any case, I've never had these issues when I was with Verizon (I'm a fairly recent convert and this phone is my first with TM), so I almost want to blame the network and/or this phone. I love this phone, but these issues are bugging the hell out of me! Has anyone experienced similar issues? What should I do?! I realize going to the store might be a good idea, but I wanted some sugarless responses first...




      Many thanks!