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Bluetooth Headset Range Increased with Leaked ICS


I can attest to the fact that bluetooth headset range does increase with "leaked ICS" update.  I have only tested it once.  I did hear echo, but that could have been the connection.  I will test further and report back my findings.  What I do know for certain is that I could put the phone behind my back and there was "NO" static.  For me that is a major improvement.  Also I was able to get about a 10 foot distance before I began hearing static.  Again, for me that it an improvement of about 9 feet.  

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    Mine got a little better still a bit short but not as bad.

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    Mine was terrible dude.  Behind my back was too far before ICS.  I can live with this.

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    The range may have increased slightly, but my problem of the person I'm talking to over a bluetooth speaker phone getting themselves loudly echoed back is still there.  Very frustrating.  I am more confident than ever that this is a hardware problem with this phone and will never be fixed by any software update.

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    douglascdavis: you may be right.

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    I can confrim the slight improvement in range. Not anywhere near BT spec, but slightly better than before. I can finally put it in my shirt pocket and not have the headset disconnect. Pants pocket gives a little static, but at least we stay connected.


    Dear T-Mobile, I would like a little more.

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    Yes it is better...but still not what it should be.  I agree.

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    This is how it is working out for me, post "leaked" ICS:




    Summary: Better, yes. Fixed, no.

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    I hope that everybody would  see fit to be suitably upset if it does not improve by the time we get an official release. I have a Sony T610 circa 2003 that has five times the Bluetooth range of the Amaze on a bad day. This problem is so bad it actually makes me miss my Samsung Vibrant (bad GPS, but otherwise great phone).


    T-Mobile's way of saying "sorry" was to waive the down payment on a Galaxy S2...which I am sorry to say is a worthless gesture. They gave every soul who walked in the weekend before Valentines day the same deal. They have done it as web specials over and over...it was a "nothing" gesture. In the end, my wife's MyTouch 4G just dropped dead, so, I didn't get the GS2 anyway. Still stuck with the Amaze and I am full-up with EIPs.


    I have no confidence that this will ever get resolved. When T-Mobile/HTC finally fail to deliver (after what will be 7 months). I expect nothing short of a clean trade for something that actually works as advertised.


    Sadly T-Mobile has been saddled with HTC's mid-grade junk-ware this time around (One S), so that is not an option. As it is, I have lost confidence in HTC's ability to execute and certainly their ability to support. So no One S for me.


    So T-Mobile, if you want to shut me up:

    - Fix the Bluetooth (Remember, it used to work; you broke it)

    - Refund (Really, that's what everyone here is entitled to. it doesn't work)
    - Send me a GS2. I don't like it as much as the Amaze, but the Bluetooth works.

    - At least Kill off what's left of my EIP so I can think about getting something else.

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    Did you get your phone gs2 on Valentines day?

    If no, they did do something that you weren't entitled to even if you don't see it that way.

    If not with that deal they basically have you money towards a different phone.

    I do want HTC to fix this but the reality is that there are too many politics in retail and warranties to have anything you are demanding to happen especially since they have given you credit to a different phone and didn't have you return the first one.

    After the update it is useable, not 30 feet, but good.


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    Sorry theartiszan, but "good" is a bit of a stretch.  "Better...I will agree with.  These people have a right to be upset. 

    The sad part is that the phone is truly a BEAST under the hood.  ICS with a true Bluetooth fix will make this phone the best on the market in my opinion.  A 32GB Micro SD card makes this phone have about 44GB of storage.  That is pretty awesome.  1080p HD video. 8MP Camera, and a dual core processor...  A great phone that will go unrecognized, like the HD2, because of software issues.  That is too bad.  HTC and T-mo are putting a bad taste in my mouth.  They are undermining what could put them at the top of the game and give the iphone market a run for its money.  So sad...

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    I read another post in one of these Amaze BT discussions that hinted at TMO altering the Android spec "BT stack" for something else with the intent of crippling BT tethering.


    If there is truth to this, then the BT problems are the fault of TMO and not a "hardware" problem.


    Right now, I am hoping for a stable CM9 platform, and that is what I will most likely put on my Amaze. I can't afford or justify buying these stupid smart phones every year when eligibility comes around and the contract gets extended.


    I had the same old Nokia 3390 for something like 7 years and these "smart phones" are no match. I have spent many hundreds of dollars chasing a "smart phone that works" carrot that has yet to be delivered.


    If it wasn't for AT&T, I would have gone iPhone by now. The iOS isn't customizable like Android, but it works. And you don't have the carriers crippling parts of the phone functions in an attempt to make more money. At least the BT works on an iPhone.


    The HD2 is nice, but WM6.5 sucked and both MS and TMO stuck it up their customers nether regions here. I like CM7 running off the SD card, but it is unstable (phone locks up for no reason). Maybe I'll try a NAND flash. But, this does not address the known eventual failure of the HD2 power off button and digitizer.


    Except for the bluetooth problems, I am happy with the Amaze. The ICS "leak" makes it even better, except for the bluetooth again.


    The One S or whatever it is takes away a user replaceable battery and an SD card, so how is this an "upgrade"?


    If I have to buy a new phone this time around because TMO fails to fix the BT or use an Android spec BT stack, I will try the latest WP7, and I doubt it will be a HTC device.


    Maybe there is truth to the MS smart phone "beta testers" commercials...


    I'm not too far off of a year with the Amaze, and it is still "broken". I suppose I could put up with it for another year and go to another carrier. TMO gets ~$1200.00 a year out of me, you would think that is worth something to them. Judging from their HTC Amaze responses, I guess not.


    A facebook petition is nice, but I do not do facebook.

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    I rooted: Sensation XL Stock Sense 3.5 (http://android.hd2roms.com/) onto my HD2 and it runs like a champ.  Never freezes, unlike every SD version I tried.  After I rooted a Custom ROM and ditched WM 6.5 the phone is the bomb.


    I hoped that the Amaze would be like my rooted HD2, but with all the upgrades.  For the most part it was...I only have issue with the Bluetooth problem and now the audio quality on video recording.  Otherwise the Amaze is a beast.  I look forward to rooting it.  I am just waiting for a single Custom ROM to be the standout.  They just s-off(ed) the phone.  Now those guys are going to pick this thing apart and make it f-ing AWESOME.  I look forward to it.


    I agree with the customer retention.  I pay over $2500.00 a year and I am considering a change.  I think I will contact the FCC and the BBB.  I saw a news program that said contacting the FCC is a good idea.  They are the top dogs in the phone carrier world and look out for the consumer.


    If there is any truth that T-mo changed the software to prevent BT tethering and jacked up the phone...there may be even more grounds for legal action.





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    I'd be interested to hear what the FCC says.  I've never had any complaints about the bluetooth reception, but would be interested none the less.


    The BBB is like the United Nations.  Everybody knows who they are, but those they are supposed to enforce against don't give a ****.

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