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      • 15. Re: Battery Issues

        jerrya wrote:


        If they are junk notifications and not just email or text message spam, check to see if you have some malware called "airpush".


        Visit Google Play and download Airpush Detector


        Airpush is a nasty little company who founder and employees should just be taken out into the desert and provided three fully loaded glocks and one moped.  They spam people through notifications and if Google/Tmo/AT&T/HTC/Samsung/... wanted to do their customers a favor they would send a team of crack ninja lawyers over to their office to taser everyone to jelly.


        But if it's not Airpush, I'm not sure what it is.


        Thanks a lot, I used the app and found out that two music download services I had were using airpush.  So I uninstalled them and it looks like they are gone.


        Also, I am going to keep playing with power settings and if I find a good setup I will post here.

        • 17. Re: Battery Issues

          I was ready to give up on this phone but then I refused to accept that battery life could be this poor.  I was losing 50% of battery while at work for 8 hours with phone in my pocket and barely using it!  So I decided to try out some different things to see if I could improve battery life.


          I had tried turning off auto-sync and background data, turning off gps, bluetooth, trying with and without power saving, turning off data, etc..


          Last night, I turned off wifi and in the 8 hours of work the phone only went down to 89%!!  So I am trying that for now and just turning on the wifi when I need it. 


          When my battery is draining fast, I noticed that "android os" is like 55% of battery usage even though I am not using phone.  I also noticed that wifi sharing is always running.  I did some research and some people believe that the wifi sharing is what causes the processor to never sleep and is what burns the battery.  That is what gave me the idea to shut off wifi and it seems to work so far.


          I am going to continue this way for a while but I am also debating rooting the phone so I can delete some tmobile apps and also freeze the "wifi sharing"

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