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    Sbcglobal.net/Yaho email settings

      So, I went against my better judgement and went ahead and purchased the HTC One S today.


      Everything went smoooth with app, SMS, contact transfer.


      I've setup both an Exchange server account and Gmail account with no problem.  For the life of me I CANNOT get the SBCGlobal.net (Yahoo) account to work.  Used the same stettings that worked on my Samsung Vibrant that I just stopped using a few hours ago...still won't authenticate for the sbcglobal.net account.  Here is what I used in 'manual' setup:


      - Protocol - POP

      - email address

      - Username - email address

      - Password

      - Pop server - pop.sbcglobal.yahoo.com

      - Security - none

      - Port - 110


      I've tried none, SSL and TLS for security...none worked.


      Did some digging and notice that this problem seems to be pervasive on HTC products.


      Anyone have a fix?

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          After 3 hours fumbling around, I was able to find the answer to my problem:


          Despite my email working fine with the settings above on my old Samsung Vibrant, I found the following new settings that worked 1st try on the ATT.net support site:


          Pop server/port:


          SSL required


          SMTP server/port:


          SSL required


          How my old phone was able to work using different...anyones guess.  Hpefully, my 3 hours spent will save another user time.  FYI, HTC One S....AWESOME.