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    ics update

      Have been waiting for the ics for my galaxy s 2 paid 599.99 for my device would at least like to have the latest firmware.




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          Sorry mate, but you're in the wrong forum. This forum is for the T-Mobile G2 by HTC.


          Good luck though.

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            Discussion successfully moved from T-Mobile G2 to Samsung Galaxy S II

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              As much as I don't want to have to continue replying to these threads, here goes:  T-Mobile never promised, nor did Samsung, that ICS would make it to the SGH-T989 by any specific date.  When you buy a phone you HAVE to buy it for what it has, as updates are NEVER guaranteed.  That said, T-Mobile will probably have an ICS update within the next few months, but be patient, as they want to make sure there aren't any problems before they start rolling out updates. 

              There are VERY FEW phones, manufacturers, or providers running ICS right now, and honestly, not a whole lot is even optimized for ICS yet.  I know you want the latest and greatest, but if they updated the SGS2 to ICS right now and then the SGS3 came out with nothing better than ICS pre-installed, their sales would be severely affected; it's to their benefit to wait. 

              In the end we're not really justified in being upset or making demands; T-Mobile never promised anything...  I will probably be moving on to the HTC One S soon, and although it comes with ICS, by no means do I feel entitled to future upgrades!

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                To dovetail with something Spoon said, not all apps are ICS compatible yet. The longer we wait, the less compatibility shock we'll have to deal with. I know that seems small compensation, but it's something to consider.

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                  It is getting closer. I updated the "MyAccount" app just now and it is for ice cream sandwich decices according to the description.

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                    I have a question, do u no anything about family allowances and how I may be able to access it from my phone and edit the number I want to block...lol....???


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                      Yes, You have to go onto t-mobiles web site using your browser on your phone. Just like if you were on your computer.

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                        two wrote:


                        It is getting closer. I updated the "MyAccount" app just now and it is for ice cream sandwich decices according to the description.

                        That's likely as much in preparation for the 4.0-sporting HTC One S as any update for the GS2 (or Sensation, which is on the verge of getting ICS, too.).

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                          I think Galaxy s2 sold by Vodafone is identicle to t-mobiles gs2. I would think that if the vodafone has ICS then it shouldn't be long before we get the update. But I wont rush to update my phone until I feel like ICS is better than what I already use.

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                            Hey everyone!


                            We've had a lot of posts about if and when the Samsung Galaxy S II will get the Ice Cream Sandwich update. To ensure we have all the information in the same place, we are locking down all threads and redirecting everyone to the main discussion ICS update for the T-Mobile Galaxy S II.


                            We also have some more information about Android software updates in Software updates for Android.


                            Thank you for your understanding!


                            - Ian