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    The screen of mytouch 4g won't turn off

      I'm really having problems with the screen of my mytouch 4g phone, the screen won't turn off or on standby mode. After 15 seconds of not using it the phone does what it's suppose to do and turns the screen off to save energy but then it automatically turns itself back on, I hit the top button son the screen goes to sleep and it turns right back on again.  There are no notifications pending, I highly doubt that it's an application interacting with the phone since the phone is basically completely erased and with the factory settings (I tried a factory reset and have not installed any applications since then). It is constantly doing this and draining the battery very quickly.  I've tried removing the battery, soft reset, factory reset, messing around with the different possibilities of screen time out and battery saving settings, removed the screen protector... nothing works.  I'm at a dead end, I would really appreciate any help!! Thank you so much!