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iPhone 3G Data

How do I enable data on my iPhone when I have a unlimited data plan already?

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    Well, you can't get the actual 3G data that is on the network with the iphone, you can only get EDGE which is 2G.


    So, you will need to turn off the 3G on the phone, then go into the network settings and enter this


    APN: internet2.voicestream.com

    Username: (leave empty)

    Password: (leave empty)

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    Thanks for the info.


    Will this work with my current data plan? I have an unlimited data plan and am aware that I can't get 3G or 4G speeds, however I keep hearing people getting Edge plans.


    Would I have to purchase an additional monthly Edge plan on top of my unlimited data plan to use the iPhone?



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    Nope, you can continue to use the unlimited data plan that you have. No need to change to the edge plan. It's just the iPhone using different frequencies than tmobiles for data. I believe that the iPhone only shares 1 of the same frequencies I believe for upload, but not for download, so you only get edge.


    But again, no need to purchase additional data plans. Continue with your unlimited plan. Honestly, the edge on the iPhone can be pretty good, for basic needs.

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    I am having a problem with the internet on the 3g as well. I got the prepaid 30/month 100 minutes and unlimited text and data. However, everytime I attempt to use the browser it brings me to a subscription required page and tells me I need to change my plan. Any help would be greatly appreciated. btw i have my apn's all set and my location services and 3g off.

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    Are you using the tmobile sidekick prepaid plan, because tmobile eliminated the unlimited data for sidekick plan for unlocked iphones.





    You might try to also use these settings


    Cellular Data:

    • APN: wap.voicestream.com


    Also try epc.tmobile.com


    Most importantly, when you enter the settings, reset your network settings on the iphone.


    Also, did you just recently get this iphone unlocked and pre-paid? If you have had it for a while, did you ever have data connection and when did it drop. I know that back in 2009, Tmobile changed their pre-paid policy for the iphone users, that you have to purchase a full internet plan.


    Reply back if you still need assistance!

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    all of the sudden it just started working again. thank you for your help!

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    Is this accurate for those that have the Andoid Unlimited as well?

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    went through the entire thing, filled it all out, then did just like you wrote and reset the settings.

    Thanks dude. you are a real asset to the team.

    now, I have to do this all over again, ****.