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    Tethering Error

      I attempted to enable tethering/hotspot last week and was presented with the message that I needed to add tethering service to the account to use the tethering/hotspot feature, so I disabled it, but now anytime I attempt to access the internet on the phone, it just redirects everything to offers.t-mobile.com/tethering/upsell.do?source=pcweb and doesn't allow me to access any sites. Is there anything I can do short of a complete reset?

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          Clear the browser cache then shut down the phone, remove the battery for 20 seconds, replace and re-start.

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            Same thing happens to me. T-Mobile uses the browser UAstring (User Agent String) to determine that you're "tethering". When in reality you can just be using your default browser and trying to access desktop sites.


            I'm currently trying to use the Chrome Beta browser on my phone, and every single page gets redirected to a T-Mobile HotSpot page. Its quite annoying really. I've done nothing wrong, simply downloaded a browser app from the Google Play Store.


            A complete reset / root / etc. won't fix the problem. They've flagged your account, and now you're going to keep seeing the message. Has happened to me a few times over the last year or so. I'm not sure what the "time-out" period is before the flag is removed but calling CS was of no help.


            Hope I could shed some light on this for you. I've been dealing with this for a while now and letting people know how T-Mobile is conducting themselves in regards to this matter. Its quite hilarious given how many customers T-Mobile is losing that they'll keep pushing people away with these things. I've been a customer for going on 1.5 years and I love T-Mo, but its things like this that make me think about leaving for another MVNO.

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              To the best of my knowlege.  T-Mobile charges about $15.99 a month for tethering.  Everyone else charges 2x's as much.  Just so you'll know.

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                animaleyezz wrote:


                To the best of my knowlege.  T-Mobile charges about $15.99 a month for tethering.  Everyone else charges 2x's as much.  Just so you'll know.


                And it's included in current 5GB data plans

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                  Did you use hotspot/tethering at any time to trigger it happening?

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                    I think the point in this case is that being unable to browse in desktop mode from the device itself, without any tethering, is a major defect which would reasonably make anyone consider moving on.


                    If you are not actually tethering when it happens, it doesn't really matter what everyone else charges for the service, as long as they don't block you from using your data plan on the phone itself as TM appears to be doing.


                    To be honest, I'm astonished that, if this is the case, this method is still the best TM can come up with to manage tethering.

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                      Clearing and Rebooting didn't help.


                      "I think the point in this case is that being unable to browse in desktop mode from the device itself, without any tethering, is a major defect which would reasonably make anyone consider moving on."


                      You're not kidding -- might be calling Verizon soon if this keeps up.

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                        Sorry that suggestion didn't help. I wasn't aware of the larger problem when I made it.


                        If I were in that situation I would give TM another shot at fixing the issue by contacting the TForce support team via tforce@t-mobile.com, or sending a private message to one of the moderators to get them engaged before making my exit. That way, I might be able to establish a reasonable argument that my services had been reduced by TM and they couldn't resolve the problem, thus justifying the ETF being waived.

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                          Hey ashtontye!


                          The big thing I'd want to confirm is that the error message is happening on the included browser after clearing the cache/cookies/history. I'd also want to verify that you're running the latest software version.


                          Let us know!

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                            Not entirely sure what happened, but sitting here at the office, I just picked up the phone and it's working again! So while I wasn't able to use it for about a week (maybe I should've gotten on here instead of stewing about it), it's now working and fully internet functional.


                            Thank you all for the responses and time.

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                              Just happened to me also. I am also using Chrome Beta on a GNex and all of a sudden, everything gets routed to the t-Mobile hotspot upsell page. If I am connected to Wifi, I can surf normally.


                              Just prior, I decided to download the latest Cyanogenmod 9 Nightly build (about 120MBs; since I had only used about 200MBs of my 2GB plan so far, so why not?). Something got screwy and the download did not complete. When I tried to go back and download it again from their download page, that's when I started to get redirected.


                              Do you think they detected a big download or something and assumed I was tethering? Ridiculous.


                              The native Browser works fine and so does Dolphin HD. But this is pretty annoying because I much prefer Chrome for the sync features.


                              tried re-installing Chrome Beta to no avail.

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                                Reinstalling, clearing caches, etc. will do NOTHING. It's all about the flag they have on your account.

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                                  I called T-Mobile this morning. They basiclaly told me that the large download via Chrome Beta caused that browser's UA to be flagged in their system as a tethering setup. The rep didn't know what the size limit of the download is that triggers such a flag, or if it is aggregate over time, but he did say that using the native Browser app would never trigger the flag. Of course I prefer to use Chrome.


                                  He said the only way to remove this restriction would be to upgrade to the 5GB plan which includes tethering, and would allow all UAs. Meh, that's not really what I call a great solution since I am trying to save some money here!


                                  To test further, I enabled Hotspot on my GNex (built into the device OS; no tethering plan needed), and then connected my laptop and used the desktop Chrome browser. I was redirected to the hotspot page. But using Safari or Firefox I can surf just fine.


                                  Of course you can get around the Chrome issue by changing the UA via a Chrome extension (just search "user agent" in the Chrome store). Changing it to any other browser and you will be able to surf again using Chrome. Again, not ideal, but it works for when you do need to tether without the tethering plan.


                                  The main problem is Chrome Beta for Android. I will look into changing the UA for that, but hopefully once it comes out of Beta it will be very popular and T-Mobile will get a lot of complaints about this and hopefully add the UA as an allowed mobile browser.


                                  My suggestion, for anyone who hasn't hit this issue yet and perfers to use Chrome for Android, is to use the Native browser for any larger downloads or streaming.


                                  T-Mobile, if you're reading this, have your guys look into adding the Chrome for Android UA to your list of allowed browser UAs. You can probably save yourself a huge amount of resouces re: support on this issue as it will undoubtedly grow as the app is adopted by more and more users. It's a legitimate use of the phone's data plan just like the built-in Browser.

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                                    @T-Mobile Techs:


                                    FWIW, here's the docs on Chrome for Android UA:



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