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    Caller ID - No phone number ever comes through on incoming calls

      Please Help!  All my INCOMING callls come in as "Unknown.  No phone number (or name) ever comes through - even if the person calling is already saved in my contacts.  When I check my phone log, every one of my INCOMING calls is saved as "Unknown" - again with no identified phone number.


      When I make OUTGOING calls, my contacts are immediately recognized when dialing out and these same aved contacts will show up in my phone log with their name/number listed as an outgoing call.  


      When I contacted T-mobile, they had me reset my phone to factory default settings which didn't resolve the problem and was very frustrating because I lost all the data I had already started entering in my new phone.  I was then told that they would escalate it to a help desk ticket and I would be contacted - but I have never been contacted.  I have surfed the community trying to resolve this myself - have made sure all contact numbers have area code, ensured phone has enough memory, made sure Caller ID phone settings set to "show number" - and still nothing!!! I am sick of not having any idea who is calling before I answer the phone. This is my last-ditch attempt to resolve this issue before switching back to my old carrier.  Does anyone have any tips for fixing this issue?