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        Hey Philyew, once again long time no talk lol.


        My opinion? Remember what happened last time someone from Magenta guaranteed a (what was it, 3 month?) turn around on OS updates? Wow, that worked out didn't it? (Nope).


        Me thinks it's just Tmo not willing to make that "we have it, so you should have it soon" mistake again. The UPGRADE will come eventually...


        I'm waiting on the kernel specifically for the t989 to start building a custom ICS Rom so maybe my passively just sitting and watching for the source doesn't invoke my "What the F__K! I want my sh_t now!" mentality that seems more contagious than the Black Plague was...

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          It is still the newest version.

          these things take a long time to develop, but I guess you know nothing about that. 6 months for a complete system overhaul for every galaxy s 2 and the other phones and tablets which they are all working on in the same time. And each variant of the galaxy s 2 is a different phone they have to develop differently for. Then testing by them and the carrier. Also for T-Mobile they need to get wifi calling working again. Takes more time then you think when they are working on all that.

          Also name me how many other phones in the US have the update? 1 carrier phone 1 google phone. That's it.

          Not a huge change in functionality so I still don't see why everyone gets upset.

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            Their other comment was to target phone updates within 6 months before.

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              Hey! How are you?


              I get that they don't want to create expectations that can turn against them, but - to me - this is sheer ineptitude. You simply don't spend billions on network enhancements and new, shiny advertising campaigns and then consciously allow your #1 manufacturing partner to flag you as having no plans for your most recent products.


              By the time this story has percolated through the blogosphere and every tin-pot "news" site on the internet, they will have p*ssed away a huge part of the $200 million they just invested in their new advertising campaign through negative publicity that could have been avoided easily.


              Whoever was responsible for working with Samsung to produce this list ought to be fired...and if they were prevented from coming up with a credible list, the person(s) who prevented them should be fired.

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                Patience still is the key.  This is still the silent treatment once again. So when is AT&T's update coming, how about Sprint, or Verizon?  Still no concrete dates for any network and as for T-Mobile they said "eligible devices".  You don't think the currently, most powerful phone on this network isn't going to recieve the update? You're kidding yourself. 

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                  theartiszan, 6 months. I knew it was something like that. Had so much belief in what was said... I plum forgot ;)


                  We all knew at that time it was going to be a hard met promise/goal. Considering we were one of the last, if not THE last to receive (top 4 carriers) of this device, I wasn't putting too much into how fast we would get ICS. Truely started learning my lesson with the Cliq. Was made more aware through the purchases of the Cliq2, SGS, and SGS4G. I would list Nexus S but that's Google.


                  Bought the GN and truth be told, I would like ICS on the SGSII. Hands down I think this device is better than the GN. The SR ports are a good idea of what this device is capable of (with TW) but would like to experience it myself without the quirks.


                  I have to agree with you Philyew, seems like this will land up just being money wasted other than where it should of been spent. Didn't take long for this to go viral... But, they do say ANY P.R. is good P.R.


                  Oh well. I need to find my mother to cry into her bosom about not getting any ice cream when I want it instead of when it's ready... Because, you know, we all like broken devices as long as it's bleeding edge...


                  Well, that was my mandatory yearly appearance here. Nice to see much hasn't changed here. To all of you that keep hanging in and doing what I obviously can't see myself doing, hats off to you and keep it up.

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                    At this point it is getting to another late update like they did with the Vibrant. That update almost seemed like it wasn't going to happen. The GS2 is a great device and yes it has been out now for just over 6 months on Tmobile. I was thinking that ICS would have happened by Feb or March, however it is going to be longer. Does our phone still operate well on Gingerbread? Yes! Would it be nice to get ICS? You bet! I think this is another demonstration on how laggy they can be with updates. They didn't give a firm date of the update so we can't hold them to it and that was smart of them, however as was mentioned above, there are other phones that have lower specs with ICS on it already and it doesn't seem to make much sense. All of the posts are about the GS3 and when it's coming out and again the owners of the previous generation devices are left waiting for updates. I'm good with the phone the way it is now but I think it's a lack of interest once owners have paid for a device and have it in their hands (it's old technology) to these organizations and they give a "they can wait" mentality as we are focusing on the next device. If this phone never gets ICS I can live with it and I can find a ROM i'm sure that will work, however it will leave a bad taste when it comes to support for the second device of the Galaxy series. Come on guys, I think you can give a little better support, especially if you want repeat customers.

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                      Take care! See you next year ...Maybe.


                      I could care less about ICS updates generally speaking, having been a confirmed user of custom ROMs for over a year now, but I am getting pretty tired of the way TM have screwed their customers in different ways over the last year, and still can't get their act together, by learning lessons from prior painful experiences. My contract is up in the summer, and I am already looking for options...

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                        I agree, that ICS will not be the best thing since slice bread and once we have it then it's on to the next best thing. I think Tmobile/Samsung have been lagging and it leaves a bad taste in the consumers mouth when it seems that they don't give a hoot about previous purchases and only look on to the next device with how many they can sell. Yes, it's a business and looking forward to selling your next product and marketing it correctly is important, however previous customers are also important. Over time this could come back to hurt them if they forget about supporting previous devices in a timely manner. This is my second device that feels like they don't care about updating it. If it's Tmobile, shame on  you, if it's both, then shame on both of them (Samsung/Tmobile).

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                          For the die hard people that want ICS so badly you're really gonna be disappointed you had to wait so long for this....,


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                            As far as other devices that already have ICS?


                            HTC Vivid

                            HTC Sensation

                            HTC Sensation XE

                            HTC Velocity 4G

                            Acer Iconia Tab A200

                            Archos 80 G9

                            Archos 101 G9

                            Asus Eee Pad Transformer

                            Asus Transformer Prime

                            Motorola Xoom

                            Samsung Nexus S


                            That's a partial list.  You should see the UK version, with dozens of devices.  It really sucks that thanks to our totally lousy government departments making the decisions, the rest of the world is ALWAYS ahead of us when it comes to electronic devices.


                            Incidentally, I'm not just blaming T-Mobile.  In general, I like T-Mobile, even though this has been a bit of a cluster f**k.  Samsung was late on the mark as well, with other manufactures jumping on board earlier.  With ANY computer-based product of ANY kind, the beta OSes are always available well before release to developers and manufacturers.  Since it was released 6 months ago, Samsung should have begun work on this a year ago WELL before the final version of ICS even came out.  They should already be working with Google on Android 5 right now.

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                              Hey everyone.
                              I have to say I love reading through all your posts. All of you have valid points and valid frustrations. Yes, be patient is the biggest thing I can say. And a few people said it is not easy to just release an update. They are CORRECT.

                              If we just sent out what Google provides to us when they release their code, as in the past, it can cause more issues and we want to test it to ensure it does not cause more problems than it fixes. Honestly, there is testing and trial and error for the code that Samsung gets from Google, then we have to test and use trial and error to make sure functionality is at its best!

                              I completely understand the desire to have the newest software release becasue it is the newest thing, however, while the enhancements are awesome, it's not as if the current software is unusable.


                              TLDR: Update coming, don't know exact date, but being tested to ensure it is great. Updates take time, can't be released the day Google announces them. Thank you for the feedback on the marketing.


                              Any non top secret questions, feel free to ask.


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                                Without the tablets you only have 4 devices. ( Not counting the Nexus line because that's purely Google) And since we're in the US, what's the purpose of talking about the UK.  The cellphone infrasturcture is completely different there. 


                                I know you're just doing your job but the recent annoucements (or lack there of) has done nothing to help your employer's reputation.  It's bad enough we have to put up with the trash talk from people who have other networks, (calling us Trash-Mobile) with other devices, (iPhone(r)s (although I trounce them with my Galaxy S II) but this almost like a slap in the face, twice.  One the enourmous amount that's spent on the new campaign ( Test Drive) then days later the "We don't know when your getting ICS update or what devices but it'll be a few months from now" announcement by Samsung.  All the while the other Big Three has no dates but concrete devices.  We just really want 1 tiny victory to tell those other guys " Yes take that!" but no.

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                                  Thanks for entertaining our posts with another general "Hey it's in the works and yes the testing is important" reply. I can't agree more with you on how important it is that the update goes smoothly and that it can cause more headhaches than improvments. The beef with these types of replies is that if there is so much time and planning involved, why not start sooner on the testing and also not tell customers that it will arrive in the first quarter of 2012? If they need to add more people to the testing/code team then why not add more help?


                                  Excuses only go so far after it happens a few times. Was testing on ICS started right when it became availalble or was code sent from Google in March or just in the last two weeks. If so, then we are being told someting different than being availble in the first quarter of 2012. Also, we have had people plop down $500 for this device. That's no small chunk of change for a phone and what is expected is top notch service from Samsung/Tmobile.


                                  Again, thanks for your reply and we realize that you may not have the answers and it's nothing against the service you provide. We do appreciate that someone is there looking at the comments and maybe represenatives can foward the concerns of the customers to higher management.

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                                    What would they have been working on a year ago? Most of the devices that are expected to get ICS have been launched in the last 9 months.


                                    There is a serious lack of perspective on all of this. While there is a vocal and determined minority who aggressively pursue OS updates every time Google coughs out another version, there is a tendency to forget that over 20 million of TM's 32-33 million customers don't even own a smartphone, and that the vast majority of those that do don't care particulary about the OS version, as long as their phone works and performs the tasks required of it.


                                    Google have popped out an average of two major version upticks every year since Android launched. At the same time, TM responded to customer demands to brighten up their product range and launched 25 new 4G-capable devices in 2011. They continue to update their range on a quarterly basis in order to compete with their rivals for market churn.


                                    Given the potential support disaster which would result from the roll-out of a badly engineered update release, it is not surprising that TM - who have been burned in the past with such problems - are ultra-cautious about what they are pushing out..particularly if it is going out OTA to hundreds of thousands of customers who aren't that desperate to receive the update in the first place.


                                    The Android model is broken, particularly here in the USA because the manufacturers have to create and test multiple candidate releases of the same Google release to accommodate the enforced variations from different bandwidth use and wireless technologies. Not to mention the component variations that each carrier is allowed to define. Almost all the rest of the world gets to enjoy a single standard build with some language variations.


                                    Throw in a disproportionate amount of TM ineptitude probably caused by under-resourcing of these functions and you will always see the USA at the tail end of global roll-out, with TM at the tail end of that.