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    ICS available for German customers - but not for US phones?




      I bought a HTC Sensation 4G in the US, bundled with a T-Mobile USA contract, of course. Now I'm visiting a friend in Germany - she has a HTC Sensation 4G as well, with a German T-Mobile contract. A few days ago she received her Android 4.0 / ICS update for her German phone. Wow! I thought, let's see if I'll receive the upgrade as well.


      At this time, I was still in Germany but had my Sensation equipped with a German T-Mobile prepaid SIM card (so I don't have to use roaming) - hm, "Check Update" did not show anything and I'm still on Android 2.3.4.


      I inserted her German SIM card into my US phone - but this did not work at all, my phone was somehow locked with her SIM card in my US phone and I could not use "check for update".


      Then I inserted my US SIM card (the one with my T-Mobile USA contract) into my US phone (while still being in Germany), activated "Mobile Network" (I guess data roaming fees would apply now) and checked again for any HTC updates - but still no luck.


      Now I'm wondering why my phone does not receive the same ICS update as my friend's phone. Or, more precisely: how does "check for update" know where to look for a system update and what would have to be done (in theory) to convince "check for update" to think it's a normal German phone so that it'll receive the same update to ICS as my friend's phone?


      One more detail: the bootloader from my US phone is unlocked and I have enabled root access too. Could this be a reason for "check for update" to not present any updates any more until these two things are reverted?