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    4G on my Galaxy S2 with Android 4.03

      I am never getting 4G on my phone, I just signed up for Unlimited Value and was issued a new SIM card. It has been over a week and still no 4G when other T-Mobile phones next to me are clearly at 4G. I only get the "E" data. Can you analyze my account and make sure that I am not stuck at a lower performance setting?

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          Go to your settings, wireless and networks, scroll down to mobile networks, and then click on Network Mode, make sure GSM/WCDMA (Auto Mode) is checked.

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            Since you have a SGS2 with 4.0.3 then you clearly have an international version of the phone, which will never get 4G on T-Mobile's network; or, you have rooted your phone and are running a custom ROM, in which case you should contact the developer with any technical issues.

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              Oh LOL I didn't even read that part   Ok wake up and read before I answer.  Just saw people around have 4G lol.

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                Thank you very much for the reply. I am technically able so I will root my phone, but when you speak about having a custom ROM, where can I acquire that? What developers should I contact?

                Thank you!

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                  Visiting the XDA Developers forum (just do a Google search) is a good place to start.


                  But in case the previous post was unclear, since you have not yet rooted and customized your phone, but have the Ice Cream Sandwich OS running, you must have a non-TM GSII which does NOT have the correct antenna to work with TM's current main deployment of 3G/4G which is on the AWS (1700/2100) spectrum. Rooting and customizing the ROM will not change that physical limitation


                  TM, however, is working to re-farm its bandwidth in such a way as to enable non-TM devices to be able to access 3G/4G services on 1900mhz. Maybe you will be lucky and will be living in an area that is one of the earlier areas to undergo that change. If/when it happens, you won't need to be rooted to take advantage.