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    (help) HTC update on MT4gs ... phone stuck



      I recently purchased a mytouch 4g slide phone. I hadn't noticed that the HTC 'automatic' update options was ticked.


      The problem is that I have a notification permanently saying that I need to install this 'HTC update'.


      When I proceed to do it, my phone reboots itself and then goes on a developer screen (or somethign similar) and never goes out of it.


      I want to get rid of this update and do not wish to install it as my phone gets stuck each time I try to do it. I have it in my notification bar as I tupe this thread.


      Can someone help me on this ? Thanks and much appreciated.

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          I think thats based on a file the phone saves to the sd card,  try swapping out (or even just booting without) the micro sd card.  if that works,  browse the root folder of the sdcard for various .zip files you dont remember downloading  (copy them off the card and delete the copy on the card) and see if that fixes you.

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            Your almost surely do want this update, its a huge boost in battery perfermance, wifi calling, and has a few very important security fixes for thed android OS.  You are way better off resolving the problem with the update then trying to remove the OTA notification.


            1st, make sure your phone is charged before attempting the update.   2 the phone will reset, and the update can take serveral minutes or more after the reboot so it might only seem to be stuck, and 3 try a hard reset -- power off (hold sleep/power button), remove then replace the battery, and then power back on, then attempt to update.  A hard reset will not erase any of your phones data...

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              Hi sab456,

                   Were any of the suggestions above helpful? As gusgus said, try a master reset with the hardware keys, and attempt to do the update again. Let us know how it goes!