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    How do I stop spam Text Messages with blocking service already active?

      Talk about getting tweaked!  I have the complete blocking service on both phones.  Blocks everything, right?  WRONG!  Whaddya know?  I'm getting spam texts.  So, I read the support info.  None of the blocking services will block all texts?!  And, I can't add the sending phone number to a blocked number list?  And, I have to contact Customer Care about unwanted messages received?  You've GOT to be kidding!  Why the should I have to pay for spam texts when they should all be blocked?  Nor should I have to call Customer Care every time I get one. I'm pretty miffed. 


      Tell me there is a user-friendly way to stop all... ALL texts!  I'm telling ya, I'm NOT going to pay for them.  I'll shut off my Easy Pay and only remit my usage amount if it means I have to contact T-Mobile to get rid of charges I shouldn't have gotten in the first place.  If T-Mobile wants to terminate my service for non-payment, fine.  No way should I or anyone else have to pay for texts or ANY of the  services which should be blocked nor go through all kinds of contortions whenever one is received to keep from being billed for them.