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      Anyone know what the lifespan of a HPSA+ phone like this will be, considering that tmobile is rolling out LTE next year?

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          HPSA+ will not be going away any time soon (more than 2 years).  you just wont be able to use the LTE network when it's available.

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            Yeah, I agree HSPA+ won't go away soon, but I hope everyone is content with your current HSPA+ 4G coverage and speed. I'd think that T-Mobile would want to cease any new 21/42 4G investments and redivert that money into the LTE equipment. This is just an assumption though, based on their press releases (or lack of). The info below is an overview of 2011, and they haven't announced any new HSPA+ 21 or 42 areas for 2012. The last article is direct from the CTO's blog article, mentioning where the priorities lay.


            Strengthening America’s Largest 4G Network:

            T-Mobile announced the company has doubled the speed of its 4G network in 12 additional markets, offering faster 4G (HSPA+ 42) to 184 million Americans in 175 markets. In addition, T-Mobile expanded the reach of its nationwide 4G (HSPA+ 21) network to nine additional markets, now covering 217 markets across the country and reaching more than 200 million people.


            The AT&T breakup concessions give T-Mobile valuable spectrum. T-Mobile will receive, pending regulatory approval, a large package of AWS mobile spectrum in 128 Cellular Market Areas (CMAs), including 12 of the top 20 markets.


            “Our 4G network is better than ever heading into 2012,” said Neville Ray, chief technology officer, T-Mobile USA. “HSPA+ will continue to deliver a competitive mobile broadband experience for our customers in the coming years as we evaluate our options for continued investment and evolution of our 4G network.”


            Blog from CTO:




            Will you evolve the current 4G network to HSPA+ 84?

            The evolution of HSPA+ is still an opportunity for us and offering HSPA+ 84 (84Mbps theoretical download speeds) is something we’ll continue to evaluate because the capability is there in the network. That said, our priority now is preparing our network for LTE in 2013. But, in the long run, I would like to see both technologies advance.

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              true, but this has been happening since the ATT merger last year.  Soon after that was announced, I'm sure all hpsa+ investments stopped too.  sure there were some upgrades right after the announcement, but that was because they were mostly done with that project.


              you may not get any better coverage/speeds over the next 2 years while TMO moves to LTE, but you wont lose any coverage either.

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                They are actively re-farming their 3G/HSPA+ services over onto the 1900mhz band in order to create more space for LTE on AWS, but that means that HSPA+ has a planned future in the company and HSPA+ 84 is not entirely ruled out - though I doubt it will happen.


                Here is a more up-to-date blog post talking about HSPA+ expansion from last month: http://blog.t-mobile.com/2012/03/13/t-mobile-expands-4g-network-to-new-cities/