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    LG-P999DW V21y update

      Hello everyone, I am one of the people that got the update. I am also the original source of the nandroid being shared. I don't understand all the denial and misinformation here at T-Mobile and @LG. Especially when the baseband doesn't allow flashing custon roms. It breaks the sound on all calls. The update is incredible, I say this coming from a stable ICS rom. I've owned 4 G2x's And currently 2. For the first time I'm not looking for a battery charger. Battery life is superb, the radio is way better.

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          That's nice.My question is what they pull out the update if is so good?

          I will like to get that too.

          How u know when was relese.

          Sombody have to inform us all,yes?

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            They're probably just using us as guinea pigs for their testing 


            And, that's actually fine for me because it works pretty good (it could have gone the other way and been a really horrible update).  The only thing I've noticed is that one time I was going to make a call and got a popup about the music app process closing when I hadn't even used the music app.


            They are probably still just doing some testing, and as soon as T-Mobile and LG thinks its ready for the masses, they'll release it to everyone.  Or, you can keep checking the LG support tool to see if it appears again.

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              I read (forgot where) that it was pulled because T-Mobile had not approved it as yet. They did the same thing with v21E also.

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                Ok,I understand.What about ICS for this phone.Is possible to come for this phone or we have to upgrade?I was asking LG on Facebook this question mani times and I never got no unswer.

                I really like the phone and from what I can see lateli is not turning of by itself anymore.

                With these smartphones you need to know everything about to keep it running.

                And not all the aps are safe to install.

                And I see that is many complains about this phone.Have a good wekend all!

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                  It is still UNKNOWN if the G2x will get ICS from LG.

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                    Yeah I was one of the lucky ones that got it early.

                    So far so good.

                    If it works this good for their tests over the coming days should hopefully be released for everyone again.

                    Over 70 hours uptime no freezes or reboots.

                    Finally... A fix that works.

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                      how is it that you guys have such long uptimes with this upgrade?  My battery life has increased with the update, but not nearly by that much.

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                        Well I still have been charging the phone.

                        Get about 12 - 15 hours on a charge.

                        I reference the uptime as a fact that it is not crashing or shutting down on its own.

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                          How about Bluetooth and GPS working properly?

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                            Haven't tried GPS, but will try on my way home tonight.

                            Bluetooth works good. I use it in my car all the time for calls and music. Seems to have no troubles with either. And with a plantronics voyager headset was able to get about 25 feet without any audio problems.


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                              thanks theartiszan.  I should have read that properly.  I never pay attention to the uptime since I never had reboot problems on the 2.3.3 stock rom.  With this update, I've gone at least 17 hours before charging, but that's not even with the battery anywhere near being completely discharged.


                              GPS and bluetooth are working fine for me.

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                                The problems I was having with LG's Gingerbread were slow locking of GPS, reboots when the phone was sitting there doing nothing (not frequent, but often enough to be annoying), and the biggest problem was with Bluetooth. The phone would say that it was connected, and the Blueant Q2 would think it was connected, but when you'd receive a call or go to make a call, it wasn't. And on the rare occasions that it worked, it wouldn't support the Q2's voice dialing feature.

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                                  Ok on the way home I connected over bluetooth to car stereo and streaming music for over 30 mins.

                                  Initial GPS was locked on in about a minute in google maps the closed it.

                                  Had a call come in and answered with the car over bluetooth and worked good.

                                  After call was about 10 miles away and started directions home with google maps and locked on in under 10 seconds. And that was while driving at 50 mph.

                                  No hicup with bluetooth audio or loss of GPS connection all the way home with directions and streaming music over bluetooth.

                                  Very good and stable thus far.

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                                    I sent an email to LG support asking if the update will be back..... waiting for an answer.  Will post when they get back to me.

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