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      • 15. Re: Anyone else have problems with the "My Account" app?

        Thanks for your comments and suggestions.


        I am on 'Pay as you go' plan - which is not the same as 'Pre-paid'. I do not pay a regular monthly charge - but pay as needed. I am a very light user of the phone service and mainly use wifi.


        The reason that I am interested in itemised bills is..:-

        - to know what I am being charged for calls and texts to allow me to decide whether I wuold be better off using another service

        - to be able to judge whether I should be using a different plan - depending on the number of calls and texts that I make.


        I find it very strange that I cannot get an itmised bill for what I am paying for.


        I have called support a couple of times and they have been unable to help. Although they can see the account details and I can ask them questions they cannot give me access to see it for myself. I don't want to have to call for this information.


        The 'My Account' app should allow me access to my account - not give me the numbers to call!




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