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    G2x Bluetooth problems

      I use bluetooth in my car the phone connects to my radio.  Sometimes after shutting off the car the G2x bluetooth icon still shows connected.  When this happens the  phone may or may not actually connect the next time I start the car. If it doesn't connect sometimes forcing a reconnect works sometimes not.  Rebooting the phone will work,  but here the really weird part.  If I turn off bluetooth via the widget and turn it back on the green line comes on dim never goes bright (turned on) and the phone is totally locked up,  have to remove the battery to get the phone on again.  I have done a hard reset to the phone.  The only apps I have installed are google goggles tiny flashlight and yahoo mail.  I am starting not to like the phone much, paid a lot of money for it and should not have to take out the battery every other day.