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    How can I save pics sent to me through mms?

      I just bought an LG My Touch and can not figure out how to save or forward any pictures sent to me via mms.I read all the threads I could find on this issue and ended up installing sms backup+ but every time I try to run backup it prompts me to sign into my gmail account first.When I click enable in gmail it just opens a compose email page.When I close the page to go back to backup and click backup button again it does the same thing.I've been fighting this issue all day just to save a couple of pictures someone sent me.i don't care if it saves them to the phone, the sd card, or to an email account.I just need to save them somewhere that I can have access to them.Please someone help me if you can.I can't believe that this phone has no option to save or forward pics sent to you via mms.