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    Can I get a Cel-Fi?

      My wife signed up for the T-Mobile plan but she got the Windows Phone (HTC radar 4G).  Signal is non-existant at our home and since there is no Wi-Fi calling on the Windows phone, we haven't had a workaround.  I read about the Cel-Fi product; is this something that we are eligible for?  There is a lot of rumors regarding this Cel-Fi signal booster?  Has anyone tried it with any sort of success?  Please advice.

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          I had the same problem.I moved to a new adress and guess what:no signal inside of the house.I had to go outside to can use the phone.So I caled Tmobile and they send me the booster for free.I tried and nothing.I use android and I  have the wifi calling and this is the onli way I can use the phone inside.

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            It seems you will need some sort of signal (albeit a weak one) to begin with as the Cel-Fi only enhances the signal.  I am walking through the house and trying to find a spot and I think I've found one.  Now if only I get to try it out.  How did you request the Cel-Fi unit?  Thanks.

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              Hi kevinmchan,


              We'll be happy to check into the Cel-Fi Signal Booster option for you!  Please contact customer care at your convenience so that we can review your account and coverage area.



              Hope to hear from you soon!




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                Hi Candace, is is true that I have to be in a contract to qualify for the Cel-Fi unit?  MY wife has the Monthly 4G plan ($60 a month); she made the trip to a TM store and got the answer that she isn't qualified for one.  Very disappointed.


                I also have a WP7 phone (HTC Radar) but will likely resell it since we can't get reception at home.

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                  I just called CS and they offered my one without the contract extension.

                  The best is wifi if you have.

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                    They are not going to give you a 500$ piece of hardware on prepaid and no contract.

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                      You need to shop somewhere else. They are nowhere near $500 unless you need one for a warehouse.

                      A typical one for home use would run less than $200. Some, less than $100. And I am sure they buy in bulk, so they're probably under $100, if not quite a bit less than that.

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                        Hi kevinmchan,


                        I'm sorry to hear your wife made a blank trip to the store.  Unfortunately it is true, the Cel-Fi Signal Booster is not available with No Annual Contract plans.  If you decide to resell, Wi-Fi calling may be your best bet. 

                        We can also review Cel-Fi Signal Booster eligibility and contracted rate plan options if you want to go that route.


                        Hope this helps,




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                          Hi Candance, if I were to sign up for an account with contract, would my wife's phone (in a monthly 4G, no contract account) be able to take advantage of the Cel-Fi unit?  Thanks.

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                            I have 4 devices, and just get 1 bar in my home - in the attic, about 2 - 3 bars. Even on the street outside, same problem. Even with my Android devices being able to switch to wi-fi, terrible, suddenly I will get 5 bars, switches off wi-fi, then the cell signal drops to 1 bar and my call drops. I have called support so many times on this, requesting a solution. At one stage, I even asked them if they could recommend a Wilson model that I could purchase - they were unable to do so.


                            I am now 16 months into my two year contract and I got a text about this cel-fi device. I called, went through the sales process, when at the end I was told it would increase my contract by another 2 years. I respectfully said no, have a great day.


                            So let me understand this: I have issues with my reception, I contact support multiple times to no avail. Then T-Mobile comes out with a device that will make me use more and more minutes, and I have to lock in, sorry. I will finish my contract and move on. Even now, with 4 devices, what I pay would pay this thing off in short order.


                            And BTW, I am in a converage area according to the coverage map.

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                              Pretty sad. That's what happens when a business gets big and is publicly traded. What's dumb is if they helped you and everyone, they wouldn't be the third biggest for long.


                              I too got TMobile because of 4G and the map showed us inside the strongest signal shaded area.


                              Hah. Much slower than the 3G I had with Verizon and usually have to step outside so I can send a text. Maybe 2 bars tops unless I walk into the street.

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                                Not worth $180/mo.  for two phones and 750 shared min and data. $2000 per year. Dam.



                                Thats with taxes, etc

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                                  Rather a sad update. After a while with T-Mobile, they will not budge at all.


                                  They said to me:


                                  "We would rather loose you as a customer than give you this $500 device for free."


                                  The support tech was really polite, but the fact remains, if you get cell reception in your attic but not in your living room, and T-Mobile has a device that makes you able to use your phone in your living area, they are not willing to give it to you for free, such that you may be really happy with them and keep their service.


                                  I bought the new Wilson device from Amazon, at $300, considerably cheaper and no contract extension. Not sure I will be a T-Mobile customer for the foreseeable future.

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                                    I asked 6 months ago for a booster and they said my plan did not qualify.  I have an unlimited 2 year plan.  There are over 200 condos here and most people in the interior quartyard units have no reception inside and have to go out to their patio to make calls, which is annoying to neighbors.  AT&T is the only nearby tower that works here so I am assuming many people are switching.  It would be nice if we could roam on their tower as in the past or if Tmobile has a booster solution for the entire complex.  If not, I would still like to know why I don't qualify for the booster.  The wifi calling isn't high quality and I have to remember to unlock my phone when I come home or it won't connect.

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